The First 48 Hours

These are going to be pretty long posts and I am not the best at writing! You have been warned!

Day 1

The First Steps

I have been on the fence with EVE for some time, I decided to give it a go and got a good deal on a starter pack combined with the 21 day trial from the reddit side bar. Before diving in I looked around and watched some videos and people seemed to repeat the same things “PVE is good but it gets stale, Mining is not eve, You need to pvp” So looking around I stumbled upon a number of new player friendly corporations and Brave Newbies just stood out.

I guess I started out the same as everyone, on the character select screen and frantically searching the Internet trying to figure what ships are the best and inevitably went with what I thought looked the coolest… Amarr, I mean come on Lasers and thick armor!

Upon entering the game I went through the Military Tutorial followed by the advanced Military tutorial and joining the “Brave Newbies Inc” Chat channel, explaining my situation and what I wanted to do. I was told to work through the epic arc first.

The Blood Stained Stars

I cheated. I admit it, I discovered eve survival so I knew what was coming and what I needed to do before starting the missions. at this point in time I was flying my trusty Punisher, The first ship I fell in love with it is just amazing to fly, tanky and able to put out damage! Plus it looks awesome!

Mission after mission it was plain sailing, Drones, Frigates and cruisers were just dropping, Granted NPC’s but it was enjoyable despite the large distances being covered throughout the chain.

Approaching the end of the arc I started to hear more and more about Dagan and how you need to group up or use a cruiser to deal with him. First try on Dagan and I had to retreat, unable to even remove 10% of his shield my little punisher was struggling to have any effect with the fitting help I received it just couldn’t do it with the logical mix of DPS and survivability.

Attempt 2 – I docked up looked at ways to improve my ships DPS, Installed rigs and just stacked all the heat sinks! (I learned diminishing returns but screw it I need every little bit)

progress was made, Faction ammo and the dps only fit was a huge help however at 50% shield Dagan just held. I retreated again and looked for info on the fight. Cruisers or Group up was basically the way. I then learned of overheating modules to get a bit more out of them and attempt number 3 started. Help was also on the way from the Brave Newbies Channel!

This time I overheated each weapon rotating them on and off to try to preserve heat/damage. With no real concept of how it worked I was just winging it. But it seemed to be working! The shield dropped and I slowly began working on the armor in between his shield reps. Determined to break him with my punisher I fought on, Shield constantly dropping from him and managing to sneak armor damage in and eventually he bled into his structure… Then boom. The punisher that couldnt had just done it! I was ecstatic at such a small achievement reading people not being able to break his tank etc. sadly the help on its way turned around and made the 14 or so jumps back to there home station! (Sorry!) Video of the last few moments I get the kill! Cut to three minutes

Becoming “Brave”

With the Epic Arc out the way I accepted my invite, Sold all my assets except my trusty Punisher, I got my heading, Set a route and my clone and set off on my journey into nullsec.

On comms I was in the standing fleet channel just listening in and streaming my progress and the inevitable moment of my demise.

As I approached nullsec the twitch chat started advising me on what to do, Avoid warping directly gate to gate and try to change my approach angle using different celestials in the system. I managed to skirt my way slowly from system to system.

Then I landed in what is known as a bubble…Chat started the usual, RIP, GG, Kappa etc. I turned on the afterburner and headed for the gate, Heart pounding, Was this the end of the Punisher?…15km, 10km, 5km and JUMP! I made it through my first experience of pvp(if you can call it that).

Then on comms someone says “hey guys some newbro is streaming his journey into nullsec to meet us AND he has his weapons ungrouped!” I speak up all shy…. “Yep thats me!”

Suddenly the fleet decide it is my destiny to make it to them alive and they begin heading out to meet me and effectively escort me. Two ships end up meeting me in a system (Kronos Hopeslayer & Ember_Rising. You both are apart of the greatest experience I have experienced in an online game) bewteen them and myself they set up a bunny hop style of scouting and clearing the way for me I would warp to one of them whilst the other scouted then catch up to him as the previous guy checked the area ahead.

The number of systems from my home to be was dropping fast! with the fleet still out there fighting people and my two escorts leading the way I made it to the home station in one piece! YES the punisher survived and is still docked up in the station as a trophy!

Upon landing I was immediately given a couple of amarr Executioners and indoctrinated into the fleet. Completely oblivious of what was happening and struggling to keep up I still had fun and docked up for the night.

Day 2


I started the day watching a few videos on exploration and logged into eve and fitted a Magnate to go exploring and discover untold riches.

Luck must have been with me as I quickly found a wormhole and inside I managed to scan down a number of Data Sites and even managed to break into a number of the containers scooping millions of isk.

It was here I made the decision to push on and find another wormhole in the wormhole space. I scanned another site and warped to it. Suddenly I died 😦 My first loss in nullsec was a magnate explorer which was killed by an Astero camping the site :(. I returned home, Not disheartened but happy at my first loss! I mean an explosion is an explosion and thats the whole point!


Back at home I was given a bunch of Executioners ready to go tackling in a fleet. Before undocking I purchased 40 Million isk worth of executions fitted to tackle! (Thank you to stream donators and Brave donations)

I undocked and went to meet up with the standing fleet armada in the chosen system of the day. Upon reaching the first Gate I was immediately blown up on the other side. Again smiling at what was to come I got podded and immediately undocked another one.

This time a bit more prepared I made it through the gates and landed with the fleet. We roamed for a bit but there was nothing there. I lost a few executioners to a sentinel who just killed my capacitor :(.

Then news over comms, A small fleet had been spotted I think ti was referred to as a gang of Cynabals with some Stilleto’s and a Navy Brutix?…

Some Brave legend undocked a carrier (atleast I think thats what it was) We set upon the gang with tackle attempting to time the attack so the carrier landed as we got a number of them pointed and warp scrambled.

Unfortunately my frigate was of little use, immediately upon landing it as locked and blown out of the sky in a couple of seconds. Then in a panic I lost my pod.(nooooo my +1 implants I had just put in).

Again not disheartened and maybe I was just unlucky I instantly undocked the same ship that was fitted, insured and ready to explode.

This time I made it into range and pointed a Stilleto… Boom! The execution was lost again! I realized, Okay maybe they are not that easy to fly and get tackle on. The cynabals really were just wiping our frigates out.

3rd time lucky, I managed to land point with a number of other players on the Navy Brutix. With a group of us on him it made no difference if a few of us died as he still could not get away with the rest of us on him. By the time he would have cleared us the first wave of casualties were already back on the field preventing him getting away.

The Cynabals retreated along with the stilleto and left the brutix to die. Fight over we began to leave. Moral boosted for me atleast returning home.

Then the mood changed almost instantly. The Carrier had been caught in our home system at the gate before it could warp out. XXX’s in chat I didnt hesitate to warp back and join the attempt to save the carrier.

They had multiple ships on him preventing him from getting away, Fleet members begun to realize this was not a bit of a joke anymore and changed up to ships to try and get the upperhand.

The Cynabals were just putting out to much damage to us. The carrier was okay with its huge tank but the frigates and fleet trying to get him out were just melting under fire.

I lost frigate after frigate for a good 30 minutes immediately bring a new one out without hesitation to just do my best and try to have some impact on the battle. However my will was drained and I began to ask if I was actually having any impact. Ignored during the heat of battle I kept going.

Burning to enemy ships, Getting a tackle/point on them to then just be blown immediately out of the sky. Return to station, Reship, Undock, burn to target, Die. This went on for a good 30 minutes.

However the fleet managed to break the tackles holding the carrier in place. I think it was just mass ECM to break the locks that allowed the carrier to get away.

Returning feeling broken and useless someone asked in fleet for people to link there kill mails. People began posting ships vastly more expensive then mine each person linking a ship.

I posted my losses and I kid you not it looked like this “Kill: Marroc (Executioner) Kill: Marroc (Executioner) Kill: Marroc (Executioner) Kill: Marroc (Executioner) Kill: Marroc (Executioner) Kill: Marroc (Executioner) Kill: Marroc (Executioner) Kill: Marroc (Executioner) ” The chat would not allow me to link it all and it just turned into a wall of text. So many ships blown up in a period of maybe 30 minutes.

The fleet chat begun laughing and and complimenting my efforts with typical encouragement “Thats the spirit, Legend” You get the idea. Encourage the new player to keep at it!

I question again that I felt useless as I was just being erased immediately when I got into position. The response were “Even if you get 1 shot you draw the fire from the primary target” (in this case the carrier) This gives time to logistics to repair it or even just allow the buffer to come through. (I have no idea how much of this took place in the fight) This was enough for me to begin smiling again.

The carrier pilot gifted me a bunch of every amarr frigate, Destroyer and 2 cruisers. (Which in the spirit of brave will be blown up). People from the fleet began donating isk as well.

I am now set again to lose many many ships in the name of Brave. I like to think of myself as a Brave Newbie. I might not be the best pilot but I will sure as hell give the enemy something to shoot at, An endless wave of tackle if the situation requires it.

I cannot wait to see what happens next and I am still hunting my first kill mail! I have gotten on some kill mails but I want to have one in my log!

The people at the front who make Brave Newbies Inc possible I salute you and hope one day to be able to return something. The higher ups behind the scenes, All the time and effort you put in is worth it! Take it from a Newbie It is definitely worth it. This stands for you all in Brave, New or Old you make the experience!

Meanwhile my two friends who joined at the same time but took up High Sec Mining are working out the best profit per/m3 of space in an excel sheet. Speechless at my experience, they mocked my decision saying I would regret it going in blind.

How wrong they are. I am Marroc, 48 Hours old and this is my story so far!

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