Day 3 & 4 – Clashing with Capitals

3rd Day

Small Gang Roam

Today I logged in with the intention of attempting to make my first load of ISK in nulsec. However I was late on and I managed to join a small gang roam.

We had a Keres, a bunch of Caracals, a Cormorant and my Crucifier. It was a Kiting roam fleet so I used the following fit:

Damage Control I
F-89 Compact Signal Amplifier
200mm Crystalline Carbonide Restrained Plates

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
DDO Scoped Tracking Disruptor I
DDO Scoped Tracking Disruptor I
DDO Scoped Tracking Disruptor I

Drone Link Augmentor I
125mm Gatling AutoCannon I

Small Ionic Field Projector I
Small Particle Dispersion Augmentor I
Small Particle Dispersion Projector I

Acolyte I x9

Carbonized Lead S x500
EMP S x1027
Optimal Range Disruption Script x3
Tracking Speed Disruption Script x2

Whilst it was a kiting fit I wanted some tank in case I messed up with it being my first proper run and flight with the ship. We set off from home base early in the morning for me at around 03:00am. unfortunately it was a very quiet run.

We didn’t find anything until we stumbled across and bunch of Procurers at a citadel afk. Giggling on comms we began to bump them slowly but surely nudging them away from the safety of there base.

One at a time we blow them up taking 2 procurers and 2 pods but the 3rd procurer returned in time to move back to the safety zone.

I managed to get my first kill mail 😀 An AFK pod

Hey its not my problem they went afk in space which is not safe, especially since they could have docked there instead. Local erupted into sweet sweet tears from the pandemic horde players who made the mistake of not docking.

We returned home without a loss and I docked up for the night.

Day 4

Exploration – Gotta Make Some Isk!

Despite have ISK to support my addiction to explosions I decided I should take a frigate out and try to make some money. I left the station in a basic fit Magnate.

Hopping from system to system I found no wormholes and only combat sites. Getting bored I made one more jump. 1 Unkown Cosmic Signature. after scanning the signature it was a relic site!

I began breaking into the site containers and didnt fail a single one! (First time thats happened) After the site was cleared I made of 24 Million ISK worth of items. Not willing to risk losing it I headed home. Once again I bumped into a bubble but it appeared no one was there with it so I got away. Docked up I sent it off in contract with the buyback same Brave Newbies have access to.

Station Camped – Its not all Good!

After taking a break for lunch I returned eager to do something else, Unfortunately there was a gang of svipuls roaming our space, With no FC’s on and people doing there own thing the fleet was going round killing us.

Unwilling to give up I kept the Tackle frigates going, Even if it was just for practice I wanted to at least take something from the event. I managed to warp out and warp back in at a distance from the station and it put me right on top of one of the svipuls.

Despite dieing immediately to the gang that followed I was pleased that I had managed to get into position and I took something away from that situation.

My First Secret Mission!

Sat in station looking at ratting fits and researching what I could and could not do someone jumped into the channel on comms and asked if someone was free to scan a number of wormholes. I volunteered having already scanned them before I figured why not.

I was moved into another comms channel with restricted access and told it was to bring a number of carriers through from a different area of space. So I joined the fleet and scanned the the wormholes down bookmarking them as went.

We positioned ourselves so that we could see anyone entering the wormhole or moving through the wormholes with 1 player at each entrance/exit.

The first Carrier undocked no idea what I was about to see I waited eagerly keeping an eye on local and dscan. The guy lighting the cyno then realized he didnt have fuel… Carrier docked back up whilst we resolved it.

2nd try everything went smoothly and after a short delay an Archon appeared in front of me. Amazed at the sheer size of it I felt proud to have helped. However it wasnt over as an Apostle then followed.

On the way home I got chased by a fleet of interceptors (or atleast it felt like that) they may have been following me but only a few jumps away I made it back to station and hid until they cleared.

An Unexpected Turn!

Sat in space responding to warp/tackle requests in fleet minding my own business when suddenly over comms someone has picked up a Chimera on Dscan in our home system. After a few checks it is determined it is not ours.

Not sure what to expect it is announced over comms that it has been caught just short of the gate out. However the next system is not able to support Cyno’s (No idea why or how) So the carrier is trapped here surrounded by a small group of interdictors.

Brave descend upon it with frigates and destroyers taking out fights and drones by the bucket load. An FC takes control and instructs a fleet to form of hurricanes. Affraid of  the carrier being bait people are instructed not to ship up. Instead we will just wear it down slowly.

About 20 or 30 minutes in another ship appears at the gate…. a LIF. amazed to see two ships of this magnitude I stick with the fleet and have refitted a crucifier with its mid slots filled with webs and Nosferatu in the highs so I can just keep webbing the drones & fighters allowing everyone to deal with  them easier.

Just when I thought this was the greatest sight I have ever seen a Thanatos appears. The FC and others now know it is definitely a bait attempt. They want us to undock bigger ships to deal with these and then jump in and wiped us out with a superior force.

FC requests a ship with scanners to come to the grid so I head home, Dock up, refit a Cargo scanner and a Ship Scanner.

Returning to the grid the 3 Capital Ships are still stuck in place, every so often trying to remove the aggression timer and jump through the gate(not that it would help as we have interdictors ready on the other side of the gate). FC has the Hurricanes turn on prop mods and bump the Capitol ships one at a time and slowly I might add away from the gate so they have to keep trying to get back.

Realizing they are not getting away they continue deploying what they can and just tanking through the damage. FC refusing to ship up we slowly pound at them.

I scan the 3 ships and I am advised on what information to pass over. The LIF & the Thanatos are dangerously low on cap given the duration of the fight and a few people turn up with some neuts.

DPS is split to force the LIF to keep swapping his Logistics and then we focus on the Thanatos. The shields drop. Comms instruct an overheat and the armor begins to drop. unbelievably it looks like on my 4th day I am going to be part of at least 1 Kill on a Capitol Ship.

My slow dps just orbiting and plinking away at the beast really feeling out gunned now the fighters and drones are all out. A few reinforcements for the capitol ships show up but they are swiftly caught by the frigates and obliterated by the Hurricanes. However the Thanatos has now regained some tank and becomes the focus again.

Again the shield drops under sustained fire, Armor low it begins to bleed into structure, Reps pick up on it again just keeping it alive. It is a matter of time before it drops, with no where to go and the failing logistics and self repair it is going down.

Suddenly over comms the interdictors on the other side have just been wiped out and warn us of incoming. A huge fleet descends to save the capitol ships. Not taking the bait the hurricanes are vastly out gunned and we   begin to lose ships. A retreat is called and all 3 capitol ships get away.

Kitchen Sink Roam! – The First Kill(non afk)

A kitchen sink roam is formed with just 10 ships we set out. Chasing a target for some time with no luck at all.

We end up in a system with a small group of Svipuls, Scythes and Caracals. After some hopping about between both sides our Keres grabs a Svipul who for some reason is going in for the engagement as well.

70km I have already locked the svipul and turn the weapon disruption on. The svipul gets tackled and is stuck. A handful of ships jump on him and his fleet turn up.

Targets are called for the fleet to deal with in order, Starting with the Logistic Scythes. I question about my ewar not sure what weapons the Scythes have and I am instructed to remain on the Svipuls and a bunch of thrashers that start reinforcing.

We manage to keep on top of the targets, Each time a svipul or thrasher turns up my ewar is focused on which ever one gets tackled and the spare disruptor on the other target to minimze damage output.

We get a number of kills and my drones manage to get the killing blow on a Caracal 😀

We however overstay our welcome, Distracted with the heat of battle and the excitement it brings on I miss the svipul locking me and with no tank this time around I get wiped out. Meanwhile more enemies are entering the field and a retreat is called again. We flee home, Again out gunned and out numbered.

However we manage to grab a number of ships in the fight. All of which belond to Pandemic Horde!

Scythes, Svipuls, Caracals ,a single Statios a small collection of frigates, a Thrasher and 1 Sabre all fall to the small fleet.

Unfortunately I take the pod Express back (its quicker anyway and I have no value in the pod) The Navy Omen in our fleet hits a bubble 😦 the enemy catch up to him and he is sacrificed to the greater good!

This sums up my days 3 & 4 in Eve online. Still very much a rookie with very low skills and I have experienced so much.

Capitals Under Threat (Image for proof pretty unbelievable that all this could happen to me in 4 days!)

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