Day 5 – Titan Levels of Escalation


I started the day of with some basic ratting, Still being low skilled and focusing on the two week training plan set out by BNI designed to let me do a bit of everything I was not able to put out much dps.

Instead I chose to turn up in a salvager with an MTU and split the loot value between all the ratters but keep the salvage for myself. Everyone agreed and we begun clearing sites.

We got dropped on by a fleet and everyone got out except one guy who had just purchased his VNI with his remaining ISK. Devastated he lost it I bought him a new one with the donations I had received, I then bought & gave one of the tacklers a bunch of Atrons since he got a good tackle off.

It was nice to give back to the corporation who had given me so much to myself :).

Just before stopping my ratting for the evening a Dreadnaught Rat was found so we reshipped to ECM and grinded him down. 120 Million isk bounty was split between 12 of us and they let me take the loot which I sold for a further 20 million!

Atron Fleet!

I heard on comms about an Atron fleet being mobilized which to me just screams “Cheap fun” No info was given on what we were doing but we were told to fit tackle.

A few jumps later we land and a jump freighter appears, We had to web it to make it jump quicker. A little confused I followed up and it was due to the webs it warped faster. The thing pretty much took of into the distance sideways almost instantly.

On the trip home I got lost, cut of from the fleet I died and then got podded back to the station.

Stratop Fleet

Another call over comms and pings sent out for a new fleet forming to go take down a pos. Hurricanes and scimitars were on the menu today with the request for support frigates such as logistics(The medics of EVE) and ewar(the Crowd Control of EVE).

After a few suggestions I chose to try out the Vigil which specializes in target painting. These modules increase the signature radius of enemy ships allowing bigger guns to track them easier and also allowing missiles to hit for more damage.

Before leaving the FC does a rundown of what is going to happen along with making sure everyone is in the right wings based on what they are flying. Its pretty serious and my first time in a fleet like this.

The cool people of BNI create a Stratop Newbro channel in which we can ask any questions regarding the fleet or what we need to be doing or what is happening etc as we go.

We head out with a pretty large number of players and I get to see Fleet Warps in action properly. Which is a pretty cool sight to see. Through one of the warps we surprise a SVIPUL who is doing a one man gate camp.

We let him live and wave at him as we pass.

(Experimenting with Images, They might display properly they might not)

We land at our target system which has a moon with an enemy POS. Vigils spread out and orbit, I choose to orbit at 100km since I can reach out further then that and it gives me plenty of wiggle room in case I mess up. Hurricanes and Scimitars set up at optimal range, Protected by a a logistics frigate wing and then in front of the logistics is a wing of normal frigates acting as a shield/blockade.

Then a cyno is lit and a bunch of Dreadnaughts jump in and siege up. I believe this forces them to stay put but do more damage which is perfect for this situation. However they are stuck for 5 minutes.

Everyone is on high alert in case the enemy show up, luckily it doesn’t happen and the POS is forced into a fortification mode. We plan to return in 14 hours and make the final push. However the enemy will have warning of this now.

On the way home we bumped into a kitchen sink fleet (a small fleet of a mixture of random ships). We decide we are going to engage and tackle ships pounce for targets. A couple of ships are caught but the biggest prize of the night is a Paladin valued at 1.2 Billion isk.

I think the Paladin managed to make a Micro Jump and gets clear but a fast acting frigate grabs him again(props to this guy), This time he is going down. With a salvos of artillery fire he drops and inevitably explodes.

This ship alone was worth almost 50% of my entire killboard!

Definitely a nice edition to my growing list 😀

Further into the trip home a scimitar DC’s and I experience first hand what Bombs are, Taking a huge hit I manage to survive and the fleet stands at the gate waiting for the pilot to reconnect. Meanwhile im panicking having never seen this happen before I begin frantically asking what I should do.

The pilot reconnects and we make a jump before the next bomb lands. I am told in future to either take the hits or warp out if I am in a frigate and bombs are fired, Turn of prop mods to reduce your signature size and take less damage.

I would like to thank the Brave Members who started the stratop newbro channel for taking the time to answer the endless wave of questions they got bombarded with during the fleet. Without you guys I would likely be mining in high sec…. yawns

Baited on Grid

Shortly after returning home from the Strat OP an enemy fleet lands on the gate to our system, consisting of some pretty powerful and expensive frigates. We form up to try and counter it in Caracals and Cerberus’s(Cerberai?). Forming up at the Fortizar the enemy fleet lands outside our home station.

Myself back in a Vigil to provide a bonus to the missile fleet we warp in, A target is called and with the painters applied a massive volley of missiles connect with the target. The frigate just drops, immediately erased from existence, The same happens to the next target. The enemy then drop a Capital on the station.

The FC calls out that it is the biggest bait he has ever seen and instructs no one to ship up to deal with it.

We wait patiently striking when we have the advantage and just deleting a frigate or two out of the enemy fleet.

They warp out towards a gate to leave the system. A scout goes ahead and informs us they have jumped the gate into a Warp Bubble.

We warp to the gate at 0. (landing right on top of it) We hold for a bit and intel comes in that we have support on the other side of the gate. Not sure what happened on the otherside of the gate but we come through outside of a bubble and warp to a tactical  to clear distance.

With supporting ships engaging the enemy frigates and multiple capitals,  we skirt the edges with Missile support doing what we can, again Target painters ensuring massive damage application to the light & nimble frigates which begin to drop one after another. The only reprise from the missile onslaught is gaps in firing for reloading.

Then a Cyno is spotted and a Titan appears in the middle of the fight…Luckily its on our supports side. It unleashed a Doomsday blast and our FC takes the opportunity to assist in the destruction of the Capitals. All of the enemy capital ships drop and all of the enemy frigates are picked up and they suffer massive losses.

When I thought the paladin was a good catch I see the values of the ships coming up in the kill log. We suffer what is considered acceptable and minimal losses

Battle Report

The link below shows a video from the perspective of a Carrier pilot named “The BombSquad” Who belongs to the corp known as “The Collective” Thanks for the fight from your side!

Carrier Landing POV

You can check out more of his videos here:

The BombSquad

In the last 90 minutes of play time I added over 11 Billion isk to my kill board. I witnessed an attack on a POS, A large loss of a Paladin caught of guard, an enemy capital jump onto our station, yet more enemy capitals joining the fight to save retreating friendly ship, A friendly Titan making an appearance,  unleashing its doomsday weapon and the destruction of multiple enemy capital ships.

The Result? A 99% Isk Efficiency kill board. (accurate at time of blog)Who says you cant participate as a newbie in meaningful conflicts that make a difference.

I am Marroc and this is my 5th Day playing Eve Online!

Fly Safe, No wait…. Fly Brave!

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