Day 7 – A Life Time In 1 Week!

This is a stupidly long post today, With a short recap and thank you at the start followed by the usual post. At the bottom are links to guide people to Brave Recruitment. I would like to point out I am not at all endorsed by Brave in anyway and all this is my opinion and experience only.

1 Week Down

Today when I log off I will have spent my first week in the Eve Universe. In this week I have experienced things some eve players will never experience as they dont leave highsec and just grind space rocks or do missions against npc’s.

You can do all this in Low Sec + more!  Brave have been a huge help in my first week, From making sure I had the funds to get started to explaining how to fly a ship, How to scan down anomalies and how to be part of the hive mind in fleets to ensure optimal performance!

The amount of info they have given me and what that allowed me to do is just massive. Immediately from day 1 I have been involved in massive fights and every day I have had the opportunity to do what ever I wanted.

Whilst it is never entirely safe it is as safe as it can be using pre-defined ship fits to ensure survivability so you can get friendlies to help you in time to having an entire armada of ships hanging int he same system as you to deter any would be attackers. The support is there and over time I have learned how to utilize it.

Most importantly though I have found a community. A community which cares for its members, Bigger then people expect but small enough for your name to matter. What you do is noticed and often even if you fail people will thank you for trying (some times with large amounts of isk!).

It is the community that truly makes Brave, The ability to be having fun and laughing whilst doing something so serious. The comm layout is testament to this. During large operations commanders are kept to the side and speak among each other pass information down to the fleet whilst the fleet members laugh and joke about what is happening.

Even during these times the help is always at hand, All I had to do was ask and Brave would answer.

There are still many things that I have yet to try, I have not even trained into destroyers never mind cruisers or tech 2 frigates!. I am still flying frigates and having fun. Now I am able to fly t1 variants of all the frigates and equip them as needed to participate at every possible chance.

I feel like I have said this too many times but it has to be said time and time again. “Brave Newbies Inc” Are amazing, every member is there for you, they go above and beyond to help you in game and out of game. Even if you end up leading them to their death they are happy to help.

If you want to do PVP in eve and have the opportunity to make isk and friends at the same time in an environment designed to be fun and give you the opportunity to learn Brave is the place to be.

Yes there are other places out there, Whilst they offer the same as Brave in that they accept new players and teach them I would be surprised if any of them have the same level of companionship and comradery  as Brave yet alone the experience.

Each corporation is there own and offer there own benefits and community. For me Brave is the only corp I could want or need. I expect I will be here for a long time to come.

Implants & Boosters

Today I logged in to see people talking about boosters and implants, I joined in with conversation asking what types were available to me. I already had the Prototype cerebral Accelerator from my core starter pack which gave me +10 to all my attributes.(The higher your attributes the faster you train skills that require them)

I learned of implants and purchased a full set of 3 implants, A risky and expensive investment for a new player like myself. This is due to the fact that if you lose your ship and then you get caught and killed in your pod you lose the implants.

Now I am sitting on a +13 to all attributes which is nothing to turn your nose at. However then I learn of another booster which stacks with my Prototype Cerebral Accelerator. The “Blood Raider Cerebral Accelerator” This item is not lost on death but only lasts a limited amount of time. (Think its 28 Hours by default) This duration can be increased with skills though I am not sure which.

However Now I have +23 to all attributes, I am informed about remapping and take create a skill plan for 6 months and then using 3rd party program It tells me which stats to adjust to get the lowest possible training time.

After a remap I am now sitting on

  1. Perception: 43
  2. Memory: 43
  3. Will Power: 43
  4. Intelligence: 43
  5. Charisma: 42

I guess My skill plan has a mix of skills requiring different stats but not many needing charisma.

To put this into a perspective that people who dom’tow what these are and need an idea, I am on Matrix Levels of Learning currently powering through my training!

Roaming our Systems

I spent most of the day roaming systems with a small fleet just picking of people strolling into our areas of space.

There was a pretty tanky punisher frigate that was using himself as bait just sitting out in space near gates. When someone attacked him the rest of us would warp in and kill the target.
It was great fun and I was flying Ewar with weapon disruptor’s so I would be pissing of the enemy pilots massively by reducing there ability to hit the target.

We claimed many kills by doing this and decided to step it up a notch.

Gate Camp

We decided to set up in a system which had plenty of Brave Members in it to give them a bit of safety, We net ship after ship heading into the system to either pass through or catch easy prey who are ratting. (Ratting is killing NPC’s at asteroid belts or sites)

Luckily in Brave the Ratters and the miners are fitted to be more tanky and bait like. This allows them plenty of time to alert the standing fleet in the system of the attack and call for help.

However because we are doing the gate camp the enemy jump through the gate and are then faced with a fleet of unfriendly ships. We had players in instalock ships so the moment they appeared in the system they could start locking them minimizing the chances they had of getting away.

In a very short time we racked up over 1 billion isks of kills.

Again flying my Crucifier ewar ship because it gets drones and has the ability to really annoy people and prevent them putting out the usual amounts of damage.

Marroc Shipping up(oh yea Cruiser time!) and Signing out.

Newbies looking for the real eve, click here to apply!

Need an account? Click here for extra bonuses!


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