Day 8 – Dawn Of Ascension


Today marked the launch of EVE’s latest expansion named “Ascension” It marks the start of Free 2 Play Eve via the use of Alpha Clones.

Whilst many people want you to think you cant do anything this is not correct. Infact they could not be more wrong!

These clones are are limited in skills they can train and train at a slower rate. The biggest issue is that you can only train to fly frigates and cruisers that belong to your starting Nation and then you are limited to tier 1. You can fly a Venture (mining frigate)

Myself only being 8 days old also can only fly tier 1 frigates and cruisers (barely). As you know from previous posts I have done a whole host of things and been part of some pretty damn epic moments!

Whats more Brave Newbies will take you in as an Alpha Clone! WYou will be welcome on almost every fleet going and they have a number of ship fittings prepared so that you can do what ever it is you want to do. When you are in game join the in game channel “Brave Newbies” they will keep you on the right track and answer your questions!

I would advise that you choose Gallente as your starting nation. This gives you access to the ships below.

Atron – Super cheap and fun to fly, Brave use this ship as cheap tackle, You close in on the target as fast as you can and lock him down so he cant get away. Then your fleet mates land on  you and blow him out the sky. There is always a spot in fleets for these!

Imicus – An exploration frigate with 4 medium slots so you can get a good exploration fit on it. Using this ship you can make millions exploring wormholes and looting unkown sites.

Incursus –  An awesome brawling frigate capable of good damage output and can be very tanky!

Maulus – This little baby is also ALWAYS welcome on fleets, You target the enemy ships and use your ewar. This reduces there targeting range reducing the enemies ability to return fire to you and also the ability for them to heal friendly ships. Nothing pisses people of more then EWAR!

Navitas – Not used to often but is a logistic frigate which is used to heal armor on friendly ships.

Tristan – The most powerful frigate drone boat available at tier 1. No other T1 Frigate comes close.

This rounds up just the frigates The cruisers are again very popular in brave, the Vexxor another drone boat and Navy cousin the Vexxor Navy Issue(VNI) is considered the best ratter in the cruiser lines, With this you will be raking in Millions and be able to upgrade your account using in game currency! (If you want to pick another race feel free, They all have a frigate that fits in with a role above just Gallente seem to be better from a free 2 play point especially with cruisers due to the VNI)

Sign up with this link for Bonus skill points (speed up your training) and get set up for good if you join Brave Newbies!

Cruising for a Bruising

I managed to get into a cruiser! Having low skills I still wanted to give them ago and I purchased an Arbitraitor, An Amarr Ewar cruiser which is pretty tanky with drones.

I fitted it with Capacitor Neutralizers in the highs,  Ewar in the mids and Armor tank in the low slots.

Whilst I did not have a warp scrambler I did have a web and a frigate strayed within my range and begun to tackle me, I turned  on the neuts and watch his ship shut down. Without any capacitor he couldnt do anything.

The fleet warped to me and the frigate was obliterated!

A member of the standing fleet X’d up in fleet and people begun warping, I also did this and then all of a sudden everyone said to leave…

I was stuck in the warp on the way, Inevitably I landed, Friendlies had left and I was caught and blown up 😦 Rip Arbitraitor.

True Brave Member

A fleet lands on station, We form a fleet and I wait patiently to join in. The fight begins, We are cleaning them up!(previously they had wiped us out) And the enemy fleet begins to lose numbers.

In true Brave fashion I deploy an MTU mid fight 😉

The fight finishes with us completely destroying the fleet, GF’s in local we let the pods go since they hung around to fight again after winning earlier.

I go to raid my MTU and it has 115 Million isk worth of loot in it! (Previously I had never looted the field of PVP fights so I guess I made up for it!


That should keep me going for a while longer!

I also noticed that my skill queue had increased in time required. After looking around I realize my Prototype Cerebral Accelerator has vanished. This booster is unlike the others available in game as it applies its buff until your character reaches 14 days old and like the Blood Raider boosters it is +10 to all stats.

CCP announce there is a plant o fix it tomorrow and the boosters will be reapplied with the duration. However mine expires at 14 days old so the missing day is still missing regardless of the duration on the booster :(. No idea what happens here.

Insurance Fraud

A member in corp decides he wants to whelp his carrier, he strips it down and it only has a couple of days on the insurance. He parks it outside our Fortizar and a stupid fleet of mining & Rookie ships undocks to bring it down.

It takes a while but it does go down and the new explosion is pretty damn spectacular. It starts with small explosions breaking out across the ship and then as it chains to other parts of the ship it explodes in a spectacular fashion.

I sneakily fitted a Salvager to my Venture and immediately salvage it. “Dammit Marroc are you salvaging that already” Comms laugh as I scoot away with the salvage.


This pretty much sums up todays adventures, I did a bit more exploring and the few gate camps but nothing massive happened during them.

Marroc, signing off

Fly Brave!


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