Day 9 -The Alpha Avalanche

A bit less about me today due to the fact I didn’t go to sleep till 11am… woops so I didnt actually do much but I have tried to pad it out with some info!

Alpha Clones

So today I spent an awful lot of time in the recruitment channel for Brave Newbies. We have had an awful lot of new players joining with the activation of Free2Play.

Whilst I didn’t spend half as much time in there as the recruiters I tried to do what I could. It turned out a fair few of them were stating the blog was the source of the application!

I hope all you Alpha Bro’s experience the game and really get into it with a solid community behind you, you will be destined for fun and one hell of an experience!

Brave has seen a massive influx players an a huge spike in activity across all timezones! This is the perfect time to apply, you dont have to accept the invite straight away in fact we recommend you do the tutorials and the Sisters of eve epic arc first! You can read my previous article which covers this.

What we suggest to Alpha Clones!

Radio 7o – (Seven oh)

Brave has also started a new Podcast which will cover many topics and in future episodes will answer your submitted questions, Feature special guests and give you the latest up to date information on what is hot in Brave!

This is run by the one and only Franz! Applause This episodes special guests include Myself (woop woop), Algorthan Gaterau and legendary AFK CEO Cagali Cagali! you can listen to the first episode below! Man I sound wierd!

Alpha Roam

To welcome all the Alpha clones to Brave and show them they dont have to miss out we did an Alpha roam. It was a huge success we Alpha players in Ewar, Tackle and other frigates and they were part of plenty of awesome ships.

They all had great fun and all performed really well! Surprisingly we had less ships getting left behind due to not aligning then most of the other times fleets were formed! (Tut tut tut you bitter vets not aligning!)

Then someone shouted bomb bomb bomb…. So for some stupid reason I turned my MWD on. RIP ME!


Exploration is considered a huge money maker.  Today I had no luck what so ever and I did a 3 hour stream. Poor, poor viewers.. 3 Hours of my silently sitting there(broken mic) roaming space and I did not find a single doable Relic or data site.

Some how I still maintained 12 viewers average! woohooo!

Training To Generate Isk

Unfortunately I now have to consider isk making methods. To start I am going to do Ratting with the Vexxor and its drones. This can generate a fair bit of income for a new player so I have adjusted my skills and tomorrow I will be claiming my free newbro Vexxor from the Brave Dojo!

Whilst I am ratting I will add on some more generic skills that benefit all ships such as tanking skills and propulsion or fitting skills. By the time I have done this I should have plenty of isk to blow up fancy ships with t2 modules!

Thanks Again!

Thank you so much to everyone who reads  the blog or if you just stop by to take a look after seeing one of the many links being posted around! Today I broke over 1700 Views on the blog!


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