Day 10 – A Titan Falls

Ratting Drone Boats!

So I finished some skills and decided to give ratting a go! Having better cruiser skills in Amarr I took the Vexor newbro fit the corporation has and applied it to some level in my Arbitraitor.

I managed to create a ship that can orbit the site at 100km and kill everything whilst orbiting with a 100mn afterburner and be cap stable. With no tank at all it had an armor repper just incase.

First time I messed up and warped at 0, I died the moment they yellow boxed me 😦

Second time was going great until I orbited into an asteroid and got stuck, they caught up and killed me:(

3rd Time I paid more attention and I seem to have it down, Whilst it is not a great source of income it is a nice bonus. The loot often makes more then the sites I can do so an MTU really helps.

I continued to rat until I had got myself to an acceptable level but got bored of it so now I am sat on 10 million isk! (woopsie whelping cruisers hurts a newbro)

Cormorant Clean Up Crew!

Minding my own business reading up on Transversal a Cormorant gang landed outside the station with a pretty significant number of ships.

About 10 minutes go by with people feeding them kills and then it steps up a notch, A fleet is formed and organisation takes over!

A long ranged counter fleet is made and we prepare to go with a secret weapon! Butt loads of Tackle frigates and ewar frigates which are flown by willing Newbros! Some of which hadnt even settled in and wanted to join in the fun!

We warp to grid and begin the fight, Myself and long range ewar burn for range and its going well. Most of the cormorants actually die before a full cycle of ewar is done. However the large numbers take time to wear down.

To busy focusing on apply and spreading my Crucifiers range disruption ewar to the cormorants an enemy tackle frigate has burned to me, To late for me to warp out I get caught.

The first round of hits take my shield and a third of my armor, I managed to apply all my ewar to him and the second salvo from him puts me into structure. Bracing for the inevitable boom I hear it go off.

Still flying around in space the enemy tackler had been taken out with 1 round of hits from the dps in fleet! My thanks go out in fleet and my focus returns to apply EWAR to the targets which are now dwindling in numbers, just before they warp out a bubble gets dropped on top of them.

Game over they loose everything apart from a few early leavers and they begin to fill local with salt about using cheap blob tactics and to many numbers.29%.png

Schools In!

Brave Newbies actually have some very dedicated members who run schools to teach newbros about stuff and they often run once or twice a week. However with the huge influx of newbros they seem to be run nightly atm.

I have some time on my hands and I join in with one Katalya is teaching us about surviving in Null Sec. A huge host of topics are covered starting with the basics of moving around and docking/insta undocking.

I learn more about my overview and learn I can colour code broadcast messages or even filter them out when in fleet. I don’t need to know about logi broadcasts when playing tackle!

Class goes on for about 90 minutes but it flies by due to how interesting it was. People spoke up and asked questions and everyone really enjoyed it!

Newbros keep an eye out for classes and join them!

A Titan Falls

A Shadow Serpentis Titan is spotted in one of our asteroid belts. before a fleet can form people are warping in and getting wiped out. Even I went in but I did it in the name of science! Turns out even with 3 scripted tracking disruptors the titan can still hit you. Well it does warp scram, web and neutralize capacitor out to 100km.

The titan warps off before a fleet is formed.

However an eagle eyed member spots it in another belt! A fleet of Ewar is formed first to ensure the numbers and then the dps. with 6 Griffins and 2 Blackbirds specifically fitted with no prop mods and just jams we begin the attack.

The first phase has the Ewar warp in first to apply jams since the titan one shots anything it gets a lock on and it is pretty resistant to the jamming. Unfortunately the Ewar FC messes up and we warp at 100km.. GOOD JOB! we warp out and return at the correct range.

Myself and another capsuleer shout up that we got a succesful jam and the dps warps in, They focus out the cruiser support and then we all focus on the titan!

Slowly but surely it is going down and someone calls out they are being targeted. We wait patiently hoping for jams that had been staggered to apply and luckily it happens!

The titan begins to sink through armor and into hull, At first we were worried about it tanking the dps but a a Naglfar showed up to help.

Then the explosion happens and my god what a sight it is. Explosions break out across the ship and then they combine into one huge explosion. The 120 Million Isk bounty is claimed, The loot is given to the guy who found it as always and gets a blue print which is expected to go for anyway from 4 Billion isk to 10 Billion isk.

The Salvage alone was worth over 150 Million isk as well! Safe to say the pilot is set for some time! A video of the explosion is below and a few screenshots at a pretty nice size.


I am Marroc and this was my 10th day in Eve!


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