Day 11 & 12

Day 11

Talwar Roam

Another Talwar roam was arranged with more alpha clones joining up! I have noticed recently that these fleets are up so often. They are always successful which is weird cos its filled with new players!

On top of this more and more fleets are forming up. I havent taken part in many due to needing to make isk!

Ratting – Arbitraitor

My ISK is still in short supply so I have been doing some ratting, with drones trained to 5 I have a fleet of Vespa’s out since they apply the damage that the Serpentis are weak to. For fellow new players a damage sheet is linked below. These sheets are super handy!

My Abritraitor manages to put out 171.9 DPS with its flight of drones, Not to shabby but not great either, The battleships take a while to die and I average maybe 3-5 Million Isk per tick(every 20 minutes)

However the problem I have is I am terrible at paying attention and judging risks. I have lost maybe 4 or 5 of these Arbitraitors and as such I haven’t made any isk just broke even.

I ended up logging for the day because I wasn’t been productive and felt drained with my constant loss without any profit.

Damage Cheat Sheet

Day 12

Ratting 2.0

Refreshed after a nice line in, Fueled up on breakfast I hit the Combat Anomalies, My new Arbitraitor can still run its 100mn After Burner cap stable but also has over 100km targeting range and Drone range.

Things begin to turn around and Im still only making 3-5 Million isk every 20 minutes but I am able to leave when someone gets to the site to kill me. This is due to my extreme orbit range. If they warp to the site at 0 I am 100km away from them. I put WWW in fleet and people respond and scare the player away or kill them.

This allows me to head back and continue ratting and my MTU survived a number of occasions.

You should always use the MTU since it allows you to have the loot pulled to one location ready for you to scoop at the end of the site. It can also act as an anchor point for your orbit in sites with open space and no stationary structures/asteroids.

After a number of sites, scooping loot and salvaging I make back the isk. Knowing my method is working, Safer but slower I make a purchase of a Noctis which leaves me broke. (Breaking rule number 1 “Dont buy what you cant afford to replace”)

Salvagers – Cleanup on Site 3.

I fit my Noctis with 5 Salvagers, 1 Tractor beam and two drone drone link augmentors two increase the drone range.

Those with high drone skills and a Vexor Navy Issue make more money by just going site to site killing the rats and moving on. Some drop an MTU and take the loot at the end of the site as well, But they never salvage!

All that salvage is free space cash. I ask up for ratters not salvaging and a couple of people give me a warp in, I Bookmark the sites and warp to the next site and do the same thing. Some of them even say I can have the loot so I put an MTU down and await to come back to my riches.

A short time later I get the message the sites are clear and I land to a nice neat pile of wrecks since the MTU drags all of them together! I go to work in my Noctis which I named Wall-E (Obviously). The mass of blue salvaging beams is almost as nice as seeing my herd of salvage drones scurrying around grabbing wrecks as well.

With 2 Large Shield Extenders, A damage control and 2 Warp Core stabalizers I am able to take the hits whilst I align and warp out from a warp scramble attempt. Though it takes me 15 seconds to lock targets. I am happy to be a little patient in return for more safety and escape ability though.

Whats more you can do this as an Alpha clone! Find a corporation who do missions or clear sites and get yourself  a destroyer and pack it with salvagers, Ask if you can clear sites of wrecks and even offer them a small cut of the isk returned. This way they get money they would otherwise not have for doing absolutely nothing and you can start making your fortune in EVE!

I make a a varying amount of isk but after a bunch of site clean ups and selling items I gained along with salvage to the Zansha Buy Back I can now afford to buy a Vexor Navy Issue!

However My drone skills are still lacking so I wont be flying it just yet and I have it parked up awaiting better skills. Why risk losing it with whilst it performs poorly.

Not much happening, I have avoided the pvp fleets despite huge amounts of them happening because I need to get my wallet fattened up. PI is on the tables after I get some skills for my VNI.


I would like to also congratulate CCP on there Ascension update, this seems to have been a huge success at sparking interest and bringing players back to the game.

Today the server peaked at just over 47000 players which is a huge increase on the normal dedicated fan base. Hopefully these players remain and even if only a few of them do its a benefit.

Some of them will inevitably fall in love with the game and upgrade to omega, others will do this through isk and some may remain on Alpha State for ever which still allows you to do many things. Hell Alphas can even fly a Battlecruiser!

Marroc, Capsuleer, Brave Newbie & Space Janitor, Signing Off!


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