Day 13 – The Navy & The Armada!

The Vexor Navy Issue

So After all the salvaging the previous day I had managed to get the ISK together to buy the Vexor Navy Issue. Even though I didn’t have the ISK to buy it back if I lost it.

However low skills prevented me from wanting to fly it, I eventually gave in and even though I don’t have great kills I am able to clear most sites.

I started with a Serpentis Hub, Not wanting to risk too much. Damn this thing is a monster, the damage from 5 Caldari Navy Wasps’s is just absurd, I don’t even bother swapping drone size to match the target such as smalls for frigates.  The site just melted as I orbited in relative safety.

Next up the Haven! One of the hardest sites in the system, Warp in, Drop the MTU and orbit whilst the drones do everything. Again no issues at all, The battleships just crumple under the sustained fire from the Wasps.

A few Havens later and a Garmur warped into my site and got tackle,  I put the WWW’s in fleet to get reinforcements from the armada in system. All I have to do is just hold on long enough.

Down to about 30% shields my drones still haven’t reached the Garmur, they might do damage but they are so slow! Luckily the armada fleet lands and the Garmur realizes it will cost him his ship if he stays and he warps out.

On another occasion again minding my own business when a Stratios lands on my site and I here the shield alert go off which is set 99%. I quickly bring the window up and realize I am in trouble with him sat right on top of me.
I try to remain calm, Firstly calling in the Armada via WWW.  Next I abandon my drones and launch a new wave instead of having the others fly 40+km to me.  Setting them straight on top of the Stratios we begin dealing heavy damage to each other.

With both of us now in armor the fleet arrives the Stratios admits in chat he should have gone for the kill knowing how the armada works. He tries to run but an Alpha clone in a Atron grabs the tackle and the Stratios is finished.

I got the top damage and the killing blow, Wasps really do pack a punch!  My ship limps home at 24% Structure with rats still firing at it as I align out.

Someone in the Armada points out that I called for help despite doing the most damage and getting the kill. To which I respond “The kill would not have happened if the fleet did not arrived, I would have lost the ship. Yes its nice to get a kill mail but its nice to survive!

If you are in Brave and not part of a specific fleet always join the armada and do activities in the armada systems. The safety you get is much better then being on your own.

Docked up the server goes offline, VNI intact with the added bonus of a kill mark, I just gotta find were it goes.

500 million Stratios

I strongly recommend any Brave members able to fly the VNI to do so! The Dojo will give you one for free (Only one)


Later in the day I watch Zarvox streaming his EVE pvp Shenanigans. Not only is he an excellent player he explains what is happening as its happening. Then explains what he could of done or what gets him killed.

He flies a variety of ships and is not afraid to blow them up. He even explained transversal and weapon accuracy in one part of his last stream.

If you are looking to get into PVP I strongly recommend you watch his streams. Very informative and you learn a lot from it. You can find him at the link below

I got inspired to mess around in an Arbitraitor with Dual Webs, Scram and an AB. Utilizing heavy drones and dual webs to enable them to track the target for damage out put. A tank of 22000 EHP with a medium ancillary repper to add additional armor and  3 small neuts in the highs to shut down the opposing ships modules and allow me to get out if needed.

I havent found a fight for it yet but I intend to blow it up, I might even stream it when I do but be warned I am a bad pilot and I have a broken Mic 😦

Who knows I might get a kill!


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