Day 15 – Atron’s Friend, Not Food!

Ship Tally – Losses

So given I have no been playing more then two weeks I thought I would take a tally of the ships I have lost. So below is the list!

Scrap that, So many ships down.  The total ships lost for me currently at 15 days is  118 ships. Ranging from Atron’s to VNI’s, Crucifiers, Arbitraitors, Caracals, Griffins, Vigils, Executioners and a terribly fit Cruor with two faction mods!

All of them have been lost Traded in for fun! Remember your ships are not something you keep hold of forever. They are expendable platforms to which you put your modules and trade them all in for fun! Do not be put down for losing a ship!

Alpha’s  – Do you want to know more?!

A fellow Brave member has posted and put together a pretty indepth and very useful guide to give you some ideas on what you can be doing, A few corporations that are out there and more!

Take a look here —> Alpha POWER!

Moros – No more!

A group of Pandemic Legion players are roaming around Brave space, collecting kills when the opportunity arises.

Suddenly they call a truce as a Moros has been caught on a gate. Brave and PL band together for a short time to bring the moros down using mainly frigates and cruisers the Moros stands strong for a long time. However it is going down, Eventually it runs out of cap apparently and could not repair.

The ship explodes and the loot scramble beings. The truce lasts long enough for the field to be cleared with the odd kill happening.  All in all this was a great experience!

Explosion Drop Kurai Kiba a follow for more Brave Explosions!

Stratop – POS

Unfortunately I can’t say much here but we head out and I experience a pretty cool part of the game.

We did what we intended to do as the attackers never came to finish the job and the fleet returns home. Once we reach 1 jump from home someone shouts up “I disconnected I am still in the Pos”

Turns out he got left behind and 3 bombers are attacking the POS. The pilot asks if it is possible to leave the shield and attack them and return into it. The FC Responds “It is in theory but due to ship piloting and mechanics it probably wont happen”

About 5 Minutes later the pilot shouts up “I have killed the 3 bombers, POS Secure.” He is given MVP and earns a moment of fame!

Atron – Friend, Not Tackle!

A Pandemic Horde Thanatos is picked up at a gate, Brave leadership steps up and forms a fleet quickly to deal with.

After some hectic movements and quick discussions we pounce at a gate and catch it off guard. However shortly after landed intel comes in that large fleet is on the other side of the gate and the fleet disengages.

I lose my Catalyst as I didn’t burn up as I was focusing a wing of fighters 😦 RIP. However the fleet gets away.

I undock from the station with an Atron and the Thanatos is on the undock on his own. So I approach without locking and begin orbiting him, Fighters deploy and I get blown up!

Determined to bring piece to the galaxy I undock another one. Again Approach and orbit, This time opening comms with the pilot. A truce is called between myself and him and I have no idea what the fleet is doing(I think they were trying to bat phone reinforcements)

About 5 minutes pass and all of a sudden another ship appears followed by the entire enemy fleet. I get locked up hit by something but repped by a member of the fleet.

I orbit the entire fleet of huge ships and take a look at them one by one. They all start moving and a huge swarm of fighters and drones are launched at me! Burning away I get locked and fire at by multiple Revelations but obviously they cant track. The fighters and drones however are more then enough for my little Atron.

I ask in local for SRP and the Pandemic Horde fleet sends me isk and even contracts me some Atrons in my HQ! (Even bitter vets are friendly!)im-rich

Free Stuff – Praise Blog Fans!

A reader of the blog opens up communication with me and compliments the blog and asks if I can get ships out here. After looking up on the wiki I can get a freight service issued.

ZelRox issues me a contract with the following ships.

  1. Federation Navy Comet x3
  2. Gila x1
  3. Imperial Navy Slicer x5
  4. Omen Navy Issue x1
  5. Phantasm x1
  6. Succubus x1
  7. Worm x1

These are now on route to me and I cannot wait to start flying the frigates and work my way to the cruisers. I think I am gonna try Ratting in the Gila but I have been playing with fits but not settled on anything! Massive Thanks to ZelRox!

If anyone wants to send me isk or ships to blow up feel free to send it to Marroc! More then happy to blow up ships and do a little write up! I will be funding my own game time so anything that gets to me will be blown up in some sort of poor attempt at pvp.

Cruor – Begone!

As you know with the blog yesterday I bought myself a Cruor and fitted it with some faction mods and took it on a frigate roam to blow it up. However it survived and made it back home.

I undocked it today to provide heavy tackle to a mining fleet with some support ships. I get to system and they immediately say they have frigates attacking them. I announce I am in warp to help, though the procurers are more then enough to deal with them.

However strangely they decide to warp out instead… I land and get pointed and scrambed by the 5 or 6 frigates with no way out I end up going down. Not quite the way I was hoping, Left to die and have my corpse float endlessly through space. ( The blingiest ship I have flown and purchased) Also I would like to point out I neuted out ZarvoxToral in his Dramiel and got him killed with my Cruor 😉

Cruor Loss

These things happen so I grab a Caracal and head back to provide support. The frigates attempt to make a number of passes but they don’t really get anything other then drones.

In the end they get reinforcements but our intel is aware and we warp out as they jump into system as we were completely out gunned.

Thanks again, Marroc signing off, Fly Brave!


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