Day 16/17 -Staring Into Hel

Day 16

Long Live The Cruor!

As you know from previous blog posts I lost the Cruor I bought myself as a treat after responding too WWW’s in fleet.

A blog reader kindly offered to fund 3 more Cruor fits and gave me 300 Million isk to do so. I fitted the first one and went slightly over budget so I spent some of my isk to improve it. This Cruor was to be the Armada Cruor and fly around as heavy tackle.

With the web and Disruptor reaching out to 24km (29km With overheat & a whopping 35 with links) Not much was getting away from the initial web and disurption. The idea was this bought time for tackle with short range to move in and assisted them by slowing the target down.

Once they catch them I then close the distance and run my nos/neut combo and repper to be cap stable and in times of need use the Ancillary repper. The strategy worked! We caught a Thorax & an Omen Navy Issue are caught on separate occasions and the armada descends.

We receive intel of a large fleet coming in and I begin to align out with everyone, Sure enough a large fleet lands and we all warp out to safety due to being out numbered and gunned.

Another Cruor will be fit once they get shipped to station and this one will be an attempt at solo PVP.

It was a short day today so that is my adventures.

Day 17

To “Hel” & Back!

Firstly forgive me for the lack of knowledge of what actually happened as a lot of it was on the fly and the decisions were made in command channels to which I obviously have no access.

Someone spots an Archon and a Naglfar attacking our POS in our Staging system at DO6H-Q.

We jump in with small ships to attempt to defang them, I land at 100km in a Arbitraitor with nothing but Drone Link Augementor’s, A 10mn Afterburner, Target Painter and Drone Damage modules. For drones it was just Warriors.

The idea here was I skirt the edge, target paint the fighters from the carrier and send the drones in, Since my smaller ships would be torn apart by them these seemed like the best course of action.

30-40 Minutes go by and it is working, I might not be putting out large amounts of damage but the target painter is helping others there to defang(the act of shooting all the fighters down) the enemy carrier.

We receive word to keep harassing them as things are in motion and we are actually harassing them pretty well, The fighters have to keep getting recalled and they are struggling to do anything meaningful to the POS.

Meanwhile a small group of of bombers formed and start harassing a Moros that has also landed on grid. Whilst we still harass the fighters a voice over comms tells us to swap everything to the Moros who just lost his shield and is now well into armor.

We all swap and my light drones storm across the field and begin plinking away at the Moros, Every Little helps! The armor is stripped and structure starts to drop, Suddenly it gains shield but  I think another bomb run is done and it drops, The Moros is the first Capital to go down.

Then, Out of nowhere everything goes to shit and Capitals appear in huge numbers! This fight makes the Titan fighting the two carriers I saw previously look like a small league kids karate competition…

To sum up the list of capitals, Some of these were fielded with multiple numbers:

  1. Hel
  2. Naglfar
  3. Moros
  4. Archon
  5. Apostle
  6. Thanatos
  7. Nidhoggur
  8. Chimera
  9. Minokawa
  10. Phoenix
  11. Ninazu

My Abritratior is blown out of the sky so I return to station and get the legendary Brave Tackle Atron out! Returning to grid someone shouts that an Apostle has almost moved clear of the bubbles!

Throwing my knowledge on Transversal & Signature Radius out of the window I hit Orbit at 500 and turn on the MWD, The Apostle is clear of the bubble and the KM’s are counting down for me rapidly!  Killing my speed I turn on the Scram(and web out of habbit) I call point and then people also start calling point as well.  I like to think I was the first but its impossible to know! More bubbles are put up and the fight rages on.

Capitals are exploding everywhere and the sense of scale is only noticed when I zoom in on my Atron to see it flying around ships whose weapons dwarf my Atron hull. Explosions going off everywhere I start to take damage and begin to burn for the edge of a bubble. with 37% structure I manage to warp out, Dock up, Repair and get back into the field.

Everytime A capital goes down the fleet announces it due tot he explosions just being so damn pretty. Suddenly the Hel is dropping into structure, My Atron firing its blasters in a futile effort to assist with damage whilst orbiting it is a sight to remember.

As the Hel loses its structure the explosions start to spread across its hull, It felt like it went on for ever as the explosions spread out and grow in size. Then they meet up and one gigantic explosion tears the ship in half, Illuminates the screen and everyone lets out a cheer.

The fight begins to die down and once it is deemed over the looting begins, I make a few runs in my t1 hauler filled with Cargo Expanders. Warping in to a bookmark at a wreck I loot over 1 billion isk in that go. Not willing to risk more I warp out, Drop of the goods and return again.

With the second haul secured I accept my glorious reward as a tribute from the space gods who want me to splash out and blow up ships.  My total taking was just over 2.2 Billion Isk, Staying true to what I have said previously I will be using this to expand my ship collection and ability to fly them. I purchased a skill injector to power through some of the more boring skill trains for fitting and the rest is to be spent on ships.

Battle Report

So All in all I lost 2 Atron’s and an Arbitraitor but made 2.2 Billion isk!

Dads Home!

So I have been having loads of fun the Cruor, The capacitor warfare style of gameplay is really run to me and having the fleet come in to land on a helpless target is awesome!

The only option for me is the Ashimmu! Which looks incredible! I Have one purchased but I am still trying to fit it, I will likely play it safe and do an Armada fleet fitting similar to that of the Cruor.

I cannot wait to undock this thing and have fun in it until it inevitably blows up!


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