Day 18 & 19 – Raising The Stakes

Day 18

First Hurricane Fleet

I managed to get the bare minimum skills together in order to fly the the meta 4 version of the Doctrine Hurricane. Almost giddy with excitement at undocking such a large ship I meet with the others on the Fortizar.

Now that I can fly the Hurricane I stand to lose more but it is much more exciting for now when I undock it, though I suspect I might return to frigates as they are so fun to fly.

We begin our journey to the POS that we have to defend and throughout the journey a Cane 101 going on in chat explaining how to fly the thing I cant help but think its very Star Wars esk.

We land at the location and everyone gets into position, Anchors guiding the rest of us and logistics on the POS whilst scouts cover the gates.

Unfortunately nothing happens, No one comes to fight us and we return home. Upon returning however there is a mass of corpses on the Fortizar… It looks like someone chased a target to close to the Fortiar and the point defense was activated, Atleast thats what we think.

Archon Apathy

Minding our own business moving around our system trying to chase out a few pilots harassing who have been harassing us when an Archon lands on the Fortizar at 0m.

The neutral Archon is followed by a fleet of Gnosis which land 500km off and comms light up with panic, Someone says to get the Point Defense on and annihilate the Archon. Pings go out, Everyone is getting ready to pounce and try to hold it in place.

Someone points out that the Neutral is actually in Alliance chat and there seems to have been a mix up but the Gnosis fleet is not and they are looking for a fight. We begin to form frigates to try to assist the Archon who is bouncing around the system through various safes provided by a fleet member.

When he lands we all use Stasis Webifiers to assist with the warp and keep him bouncing faster the the enemy fleet can track him. Meanwhile he has an alt in place to arrange a cyno and get get it out to safety.

With the Archon safely away it is brought to our attention at just how many pings went out and how close the point defense/capital defense was to getting switched on!

I have took part in plenty of capital fights but never have I chased one around assisting it to get out alive, Everyday something different happens in Brave!

Caracal Combat

I joined a fleet of Caracals/Cerberus to combat an enemy fleet of similar ships. We however out ranged them so it was a pretty clear cut victory if we did everything right.

I start getting Yellowed boxed by the enemy fleet so I broadcast for reps, Sure enough the damage is applied followed by huge amounts of reps and I dont take any armor damage at all. Another volley of missiles come but again the reps from the logistics pilots are too much for them to break.

They change target and start focusing someone else, I begin firing again and turn the hardeners off to preserve my limited cap due to burning the MWD to keep up. As I have lower skills the duration is shorter so I have to pulse it more often to keep up.

Then I start taking massive damage, I broadcast for reps but realizing my mistake of not broadcasting earlier I go down before the logistics can apply any reps to me.

Back at station I undocked an Atron. There was a Vagabond on grid so I figured a good target to practice tackling on I warp to a nearby wreck to close the gap.

Landing 50km of I turn the MWD on burning at him in a spiral to keep my transversal up, He begins to yellow box so I turn it off, He fires a few volleys which I imagine
whistling past the ship as they miss.

He eventually goes back to shooting others so I turn the MWD back on and burn at him. Excitement at the possibility of a hero tackle takes over and I burn at him in a straight line and turn the mwd off, Unfortunately for me the mwd doesnt finish it cycle in time though and I die a swift and explosive death.

I also discovered smart bombs today so I did what any newbro would do and fit a Maller with a 71k EHP tank and pack it full of smart bombs.

Day 19

Ratting – Gila

Ratting in a Gila I recieved from a blog reader I begin to contemplate my skills, Whilst the ship is safer then the VNI it takes about 45 Minutes to clear a Haven.

Continuing on because I prefer the safety of the tank I clear a number of sites and then a Magus warps on top of me, I put the usual WWW in fleet and announce on comms what has landed.

Recalling my medium drones which are not to far, I lock up the Magus and turn on the Rapid Lights, Then he has his buddies turn up in two Gila’s. Surprising my shield tank is holding for now.

Eagerly awaiting the fleet to arrive my medium drones seem to be tearing up the Magus who is currently trying to maintain is active tank, The fleet finally lands on me, The Gila’s realizing the mistake begind to align out but the Atron Fleet is to much and they get caught.

The Magus and both Gila’s are quickly destroyed by the fleet and my Gila lives on without even taking any shield damage. On comms the armada joke that they better make it into my blog for saving me.

Allusionwhit, Kronos, Herschel, Avenhor, Deliverator, Whats the Point, Spoon Yatolila, Damon 5590, Johnathan E, Aerron John, Eric Podiene, Velv Utrigas, Hiram Marellus, Ingunn Viking, Evangelina, Adold curos, Bob Carebare, Fisher Zylon, K Viceman, Jexpa Makbema, Serp Entine, Venom Aurilen, P7PERPL7NE, Yoo Wish & Helen Wheels along with others who warped out to fast, I would like to say that I had it under control ;)!

Content with my earnings I make a risky call and go to assist on what is clearly a bait fit procurer. However Brave always takes the bait!. The Procurer is taking massive damage but suddenly cyno’s up and an enemy fleet appears.

Caught in the blob the Gila goes down very quickly. No regrets, it made me isk and it was free so it was a great experience, Though I think I will stick to the VNI if I am ratting. However I want a more active fit.

If anyone has suggestions on what to aim for let me know! Battlecruiser level would suffice but it needs to be a more active playstyle and it will be used for clearing the anomalies. I am not bothered if it takes me longer to clear so long as I can be more involved! Comment on the blog or message me in game at  “Marroc”

My PI skills are nearly done and then I can begin making free isk for little effort so I will likely do a write up on how that goes getting set up and the troubles I encounter.

I am Marroc, This is my EVE Story!

Fly Brave 7o


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