Day 20 – Fame & Family

EVE – 07 TV Show

So I missed the live broadcast but I caught up with it as soon as I got in. I think the TV show is a great idea, Offering insights into parts of the game you normally wouldn’t be able to see as a regular player.
They showed the impact of Alpha clones on different aspects of the game. They also broke the record for a butt load of ship destructions in different areas of space. Another thing they mentioned is keeping a close eye on the Alpha clones to see if any of the Nations fall behind as Alphas!

They also let you know current happenings within CCP. The big one this week was about the Customer Support side, Who in 3 days received  a number of support tickets closer to what they normally get in a month. They have brought in staff from other parts of CCP who worked previously in Customer Support to assist with the massive influx!

On top of this they give insights into what they are planning, Disclose upcoming events and play a whole host of user created content. Towards the end of the show they gave shout outs to content, this is were I got a shout out! Its awesome to see CCP so in touch with the community, It was planned to have an interview but unfortunately on the day they had sound problems.
At the end of the show there is a fight set up between the players and the CCP team, I am going to look into this to see if there is more like it I can watch to learn what the ships do!

You should all take a look at the EVE TV here, 07 TV Show

You can also catch up on there previous episodes. I look forward to tuning in or catching up on next episode!

Ratting – Slow AKF Ratting

The ratting is slow, Saving isk since I keep losing VNI’s I use an Arbitraitor which can orbit at 100km and have its drones still engage. It takes over an hour to do a Haven.

After about 4 Havens a Caracal warps and lands right next me despite orbiting at 100 ><. He locks me but then turns his scram off and opens a convo.

“Why do I always land and find you? I feel bad” He lets me live! I respond with, “I am bad at ratting and dont pay enough attention :(”

All in all I think I have lost close to 600 Million isk in Ratting Ships, I normally break even so I am pretty damn bad at it.

Armada – Blowing Up In The Name Of Defense

A bunch of us start a gate camp and chase neutrals around the system, Mainly a Garmur who is harassing new players mining. Knowing we cant realistically catch him since he goes over 6000m/s we are simply a deterrence.

The Garmur complains about us blobbing  him when he finds some one alone to which the responses are “Bring Content, not Cuntent, Newbies cant fight kitey bullshit, Bring something fun to fight, Dont pick off the newbies” We chase him around for about an hour.

All in all the Armada is doing what it does best, Providing a good defensive force to push the enemy out of our system or at least stop them getting easy content. However Brave are more then willing to honour a fair fight and will even respect a 1v1.

Just don’t bring a fleet of Kitey bullshit that a fleet with a few vets and a bunch of new players has no chance against. Brave will fight you if there is even a chance that we can come out on top. If you are there to farm though we will likely just leave you alone.

My Ashimmu is really slow but determined to fly it as it looks so cool I stick with it, Landing late to most fights it gets on a couple of pods. Then suspected bait is found at the HHK gate.

The armada warps and I follow with no concerns(an explosion is an explosion)I havent flown the Ashimmu much and I want  to enjoy it, Someone even brings a Macherial! once we land at start fighting a huge spike is picked up and before most of us can clear the area we are pointed. The Machariel goes down along with my Ashimmu (I believe it is the most expensive ship I have bought and flown estimated at 380 Million to buy in system).

I still have the Cruors left to fly which are awesome and incredibly fun. However I really want to wait for optimal fitting skills and T2 weapons.

The Ashimmu loss puts me at over 1 Billion isk worth of ships lost in the last 24 hours! Pretty impressive for a new player and all in great fun non the less. some people think im stupid but Its all great fun, I would like to point out that non of this is possible without the donation I received earlier in my career from a blog reader!

Your ships are still here. I am just spreading them out to give me a reliable source of explosions whilst I figure stuff out. Not willing to blow everything up all at once!

But Marroc, You looted 2.2 Billion worth of isk! Yes I did, I bought a skill injector A couple 2 VNIs a couple of other ships but I donated a lot of it to players like myself who had just joined to give them a fun start as well.

As always your donations are hugely appreciated and I will be supply my own gametime incase some of you are worried I will use the isk donations to plex!

Amarr – Why!

So I love the the amarr design and phillosphy of slow ships with lasers and strong armor. However I am really struggling to make anything of them in PVP. Determined I will keep playing with them,
I have lost a number or Arbitraitors fit for ratting, Usually to getting caught or not paying attention and getting stuck.

However in PVP I am really struggling, I never seem to find a suitable fight and any engagement I end up dying. Currently training the t2 medium lasers, Hoping this will give me more options and allieveiate some issues. If you have any suggestions on what I should try let me know!

I will keep trying and blowing up ships on my journey and I will update again in the near future, I think tomorrow I will set up my PI stuff.

Brave – Dojo

The Brave Dojo is a part of the Brave Alliance. The Dojo stands to provide new players the best chance at a good start in Brave space. They run classes to teach players on all aspects of brave space.

They also offer many services including free skill books and ships for you to make use of! Many people are worried or embarrassed about asking for the free handouts. I am told though that these are considered investments and the ships/skill books dont even dent the funding.

The funding comes through donations made to the dojo and tax levied on Ratting. However just 10% is a small amount to pay when you can get 15 Million isk every 20 minutes. By keeping the ships going to newbies they in turn make isk and can continue to fund you adventures!

You can ask questions in the Mumble channel once you are registered and even use the in game channels to ask your questions.

All in all the Dojo is an incredible part of Brave and the people who run it do so using their own time and effort at no cost to any of us. Hats off to these capsuleers for doing this! I know I have given them my fair share of questions and taken so many frigates off of the dojo’s hands!

Keep being awesome Brave Dojo!

Regards, Marroc, Fly Brave 7o


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