Day 21 – Isk Making

Mining – Shooting Rocks

So I gave mining a try, In a Venture I joined up with the other miners, I found my target and closed in! Then I hit orbit at 2500 and turn on my mining lasers.

Next up I caught up on The Walking Dead, Knowing I was safe as comms would flare up the moment anyone on the belt needed to leave. Sure enough over comms, “Miners get safe”

I did this for a few hours but did’t make much isk the venture so I went back to what I know! I mean don not get me wrong, The fact that there are many others on the belt makes it a safer option to do afk but I just was not making the isk I wanted

VNI – Ratting

Back into a Vexor Navy Issue and determined not  to lose one before it had at least paid for itself I set off towards the Armada system.

Flying a new fit I Did slightly less DPS but I have way more tank and resists where it matters… In the hull!

Throughout the day people warped into my site, I warped out not getting caught. A Thorax started playing games I decided to try and bait him, Eventually realizing the Thorax would not attack me I turned of the 100mn AB and started taking some damage, When I had taken some damage I turned it back on.

0% Shields, 30% Armor and drones not near me, Sure the Thorax would bite now! After taking a few mini steps to see if I would react he closed the gap. I instructed drones to attack him and as He got close turned on the web.

The Thorax was clearly feeling the pain as he turned away before taking my 30% Armor away and started running, He could have warped as I only had a web, guess in the heat of battle the capsuleer hadn’t noticed.

The Armada landed and finished the Thorax off.

A navy Maulas also came on grid later on, I locked him straight away and sent Drones in, After losing his shield and most of his armor he changed his mind and warped away. I did not see him again.

PI – Skipping Class

Absolutely shattered from the weird sleeping pattern EVE has put me in recently I took a Nap, I woke up at 8am the following day… Guess I needed it! I realized I had missed the PI class so I  will be waiting for the next one before I dive in.

No point starting something half arsed!

Marroc, Signing Off 7o

Fly Brave



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