Capsuleer For One Month!

Today Celebrates 1 month of playing EVE Online! I have not been able to update the blog recently due to work commitments I have not had much time actually playing and getting awesome content, Instead I have been doing small bits to make isk.

This is gonna be a sort of 1 month review of what I have been doing and how Brave have helped along with a couple of the usual stories!

Exploration – Astero

I finally got round to training cloaking up and I have upgraded my exploration ship to an Astero!  The Astero gets better bonuses to exploration so the hacking mini game gets much easier and with a much better slot layout you can fit them to be quite the menace.

I have mine fit to basically run away quicker and not get pinned down or warp scrambled, I am not confident enough to risk the cost of the ship and its fitting as it soon adds up using Sisters exploration modules.

Prior to getting an Astero I was flying the Heron, I stumbled upon a limited Sleeper Cache in Nulsec and spent 30 Minutes trying to scan it down, accepting defeat I asked if anyone was able to come and scan it down for me.

Leif Aumer offered to do so since he was heading through that way and I agreed to split anything of value with them if I did the site. Sure enough the site was scanned down and in we went. First up is a data hack which once completed opens a wormhole to another area of space which contains the site(Failing it twice results in the site exploding and you failing the objective.

Successfully opening the next area we went through and I took the time to read up on the site. It is basically a normal site but with hazards to avoid or shut down before you begin hacking. So first up I had to hack a defense system to prevent forcefields from turning on, Which I failed… I message comes up and after a quick read I go again. Taking my time I play it safe and do it slow, Upon finding the core and defeating it I realize in local it says something about the site exploding followed by “10 Seconds Remaining” Well atleast I shut it down before it went off!

Next up I flew around carefully avoiding the Plasma Chambers and other hazards which cause damage if you stray to close. I made good progress and manage to open everything so far… Then I strayed to close to a hazard and it blew up, Removing my shield and armor entirely and putting me to 30% structure, Cant afford another mistake!

I Mess up again and hit another hazard which causes damage over time, with shields replenished I have time to take loot from a item and drop it into my hold. My ship explodes and some of the loot drops but 1 of the two blueprints are vaporized :(.

Leif Aumer continues the site and opens the last container and gives me 20 Million for the loot from my  cargo hold and contracts my fittings back to me.

Inspired by that adventure is what convinced me to get the Astero, I regularly go out exploring and come back with hundreds of millions worth of isk on each trip. I have lost one to a Saber gate camp who managed to decloak me, I managed to warp away and in a panic warped to a combat site at 0, Upon landing I got locked and hit by the turrets before I could cloak and died. RIP.

With only a couple of hours a day for the last few days I have been able to make massive amounts of isk which allowed me to get another Skill Injector. I am not bothered about plex’ing the account as I will be funding the game time, all Isk goes to ships and explosions and getting bigger ships.

Mining – Barge Bait

I have also skilled into using Barges and bought myself the Brave fit Procurer. This thing has stupid amounts of tank for a mining barge and whilst it has massive increase in ore mined it also has the ability to kill people who attempt to gank you.

I regularly see people posting solo kills of people who underestimate its ability to apply damage and take the hits with its bonus to shields and drones. The Procurer is not an easy target on its own, Nevermind in a fleet of 5 or more with mining support and armada support it wont get much safer then this mining in nulsec.

Whilst it is a good turn around on ISK I have had much more look doing exploration, However it makes a nice change to sit and mine space rocks whilst watching films. Through the use of remote desktop apps I can also do this from my bed on my phone.

Whilst its risky since reacting is a much slower process on the phone it can be done nicely especially with armada out in force I get plenty of warning of incoming fleets so I can warp out.

So yep, mining in bed whilst watching films!

1 Month In Eve – 1 Month In Brave

Yep! A whole month has passed since I started my character and for 1 whole month I have been in Brave! What A journey it has been.

I can now fly all nations cruisers to some extent, Some better then others but I can at least participate in every fleet. Obviously my performance wont be optimal but I can at least be another presence on the field.

However due to this I have taken a liking to ewar ships and currently flying the Blackbird which looks like a Crab with the red skin when it warps. This is due to it have two little bits on the front that lift up mid warp!

I have flown t1 frigates within 1000m of enemy capital ships whilst they trade massive blows with each other, Dancing around being chased by fighters.

Explored to the unkown areas of wormholes and gotten lost or destroyed stumbling upon players who live in wormholes. Explored enemy sectors of space in my cloaked Astero taking pickings from there relic/data sites!

Titans have fired doomsday weapons whilst I have been present, Dreadnoughts have sieged player structures and other capitals. I have been part of a group that brought down a 28 Billion isk ship!

I have been invited to take part in Podcasts, I have had a a shout out from CCP on the EVE TV Show, I had a last second chance to go on EVE Down under in a guest segment but I missed the message and did not see it till the following day!

Eve TV Show Catch the latest and all the episodes here!

In game I get recognized and people open conversations with me and its great fun to chat to everyone.The community is just incredible, No other MMO compares with its community. On the face it is nothing but salt and thats the way it should be. You are at war with everyone, but when it comes down to it everyone is a friend and for this reason alone you should give EVE Online a chance.

Ultimately I have made billions of isk through exploration, Mining, Looting and donations of isk or ships! Fear not, If you donated ships or isk to get specific ships I still have those ships. Infact I blew up another Cruor the other day! I got caught by svipuls but managed to tank with dual reps for a short while but the fleet just could respond to deal with it at that time.

Through creating Billlions of ISK I have blown up Billions of isk, 1 month in I have lost almost 3 Billion isk worth of ships! But I am rapidly approaching 100 Billion isk worth of enemy ships destroyed thanks to fleets!

The next big ship is a Scorpion for me and in 24 hours I can sit in it with a bad fit but I dont care! Its still gonna be fun to blow up or harass the enemy with ECM!(I know I am the worst player using ECM)

All of you in game who are friends or enemies, All of you who read the blog and all of you at CCP! A huge thank you goes out to you all for making my 1 month so damn enjoyable.

I look forward to what my first Year in EVE brings and more so what the first Christmas is like with such a great community!

Zarvox Toral – Inspiration!

This guy is a huge inspiration, His stream is packed with information and discussions in chat about all aspects of PVP.

Not only does he fly all manner of ships he explains what the purpose of the ship is and why it is fit how it is. He will almost always take fights and give you content.

Zarvox you are a huge help in reinforcing my PVP gameplay, Even though I cannot fly half the ships you fly I know what they are capable of and whether or not the ship I am in can be useful against fighting them. The knowledge you out put is incredible and the fun atmosphere you do it in really helps. I lurk a lot in your chat when you stream and speak up with questions from time to time.

You can check out Zarvox here – Zarvox – Twitch Channel (Opens in new window)

Who knew putting your hardeners in a triangle formation was beneficial! 😉

On the Fence Brave?!

None of the above is possible at all without Brave, Every single one of you in Brave have made my first month one of the most enjoyable first months in any game I have ever played! If you are on the fence of joining or just want to know what they can offer below is what I have benefited from.

Brave have been more then welcoming, They offer everything you need to get started, If you are an Omega or an Alpha you get access to the following.

Free Skill Books – Yep, That’s right, every book you need to join fleets or go mining, PVP Roaming to fleet warfare or even exploration and Planetary interaction.

Skill Plans – Follow the recommended skill training and get access to a much wider range of ships! from 2 weeks to 30 days skill plans exist for alpha and omega a like.

Dojo – Watch your step because the Dojo drops knowledge all over! They answer questions, Host classes and give you access to previous classes! All this for free, For ever!
 Armada – A fleet for all of Brave, regardless of what you are doing, Joining the fleet gives you security and a rapid response to any potential threats! Enemy comes for you? The armada descends up on them!
 Free Ships – Yep! That’s right Free ships, The Dojo will give you as many ships as you can blow up as long as you keep trying and having fun. Ships for all, Alpha or Omega!
 Ultimately Brave offers you a place for you to learn and grow and enjoy all aspects of the game that you enjoy, Dont get stuck running endless missions or mining in high sec thinking you need tens of millions of skill points to do anything.
Yes there are risks, Brave minimizes and offsets them as best as possible, Lose your ship? Grab a free one and get back out there! With greater risks come greater rewards.
Everything pays more out here so come on, Join us, Blow up your enemies and yourself and increase you fun per hour whilst making yourself space rich!
You can come out here with absolutely nothing at all, I came out with a Punisher and a couple of million isk and I have never felt like I have not been able to participate. If you are struggling shout up, Everyone is more then happy to help. Join the ingame channel “Brave Newbies Inc” and you can increase your fun per hour!
P.S I did this myself and was not asked or persuaded to do any of the above, Wanted to return the favor and potentially open the experience I had other new players and show them just what is possible.
1 Month old Capsuleer, Signing off!
Fly Safe, Fly Brave!

2 thoughts on “Capsuleer For One Month!

  1. That is awesome. This sounds like a corps I would be happy in. I started playing back in mid Sept but I got shipped out to some Army training 3 weeks later that ends in about 7 days. So unfortunately I played for 3 weeks, got really into the game and now for the last 2 months I’ve only been able to do passive skill ups because I don’t have a laptop strong enough to actually play. 2 weekends from now though I will be home on my Desktop and I might check out Brave. I also watch Zarvox Torval all the time as well and love his channel.

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