1.1 Destroyer Belt Ratting

This is a series I am going to call “From Newbie to Brave Newbie” These mini guides can be applied to any nul sec player though they will feature additional info you can use if you are a part of Brave Newbies!

Section 1

Section one is going cover your first steps into making isk in Nul Security space in Brave or any similar corporation. Each decimal number will identify a new sub article under the primary subject eg, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

The aim of this series is to keep it as simple as possible, No complex maths and a short video will be shown at the end of each article demonstrating what was discussed.

Bounty Hunting Among Asteroids

Cleary we start with combat! Lets face it, Explosions are the best part of EVE!

So you have just landed in Brave headquarters and you want to start making your millions to fund your adventures. You tried killing NPC’s before but they did not reward much bounty.

Well good news! Out here rats (Pirate Npc’s) are worth lots of isk, Some of them are worth over 1 million isk each and you dont even need much to get started. In fact if you are in Brave the dojo will give you the required ship for free regardless of your starting choice and account level!

Now that you have your destroyer you will want to insure it(insure every ship from the dojo as when it dies you get free isk).

If you are not in Brave or do not wish to take a free ship from the Dojo (You should take them!) then you will want to use one of the following ships based on what you can fly.

  • Amarr – Coercer with Pulse lasers and high dps fit
  • Caldari – Cormorant with blasters and high dps fit
  • Gallente – Catalyst with blasters and high dps fit
  • Minmatar – Thrasher with autocannons and high dps fit

All of the above ships can be found in the fitting window if you are in Brave! Whilst each nation has two destroyers these are considered the best for ratting in belts due to the high damage.

These ships should be fit with the ammo type that deals the most to the targets you are facing. Out in Brave space we fight Sansha Pirates. I would recommend you download the chart below which is a cheat sheet for damage types. Study it and learn it!


Knowing Your Targets

One of the keys to effective belt ratting is to focus down targets which are actually a threat to you. Surprisingly this is the smaller pirate ships. The smaller ships are faster, Have smaller guns which will be able to hit you and they often have secondary effects such as being able to slow you down or reduce your targeting range!

Targets have the following Ascending Order, As you go down the list the target gets bigger so you should focus on targets at the top of the list first.



Now you might be thinking that the larger ships are a bigger threat, Whilst this is normally true for player ships the NPC ships will struggle to hit your smaller faster ship with the large weapons.

The Large weapons move slower and struggle to line up to land a shot so by moving around them they will very very rarely ever land a hit.  This is key to survival as a destroy in these asteroid belts.

Exceptions to this rule include the Dreadnought and Titan NPC rats. This will be explained later in the article.


Approaching & Engaging Targets

As a newer player it will be tempting to just click on a target and approach or set an orbit to your optimal range and let your ship fly to the target in a straight line! This is a sure fire way to get your Destroyer blown up by the larger targets.

Remember, The larger ships weapons struggle to track and follow you if you move around them. So when you land at a belt ignore the larger ships first, Click towards the side of the targets to approach them at an angle, Lock the smaller targets first and once you get close begin firing.

You will likely wipe out the frigates and destroyers as you pass by, Apply this tactic to the next ship up the cruisers, Keep approaching at an angle by clicking towards the side of the ships.  The Cruiser might take a bit longer to kill so once you get close set an orbit and as you fly around they will struggle to hit you. This also keeps you moving nice and fast so the larger ships cannot hit you.

Once the cruisers are down you a practically invincible if you fly your ship correctly. Next up is the Battlecruisers & Battleships. Approach them again by clicking to fly past them and not at them, Once you get within range of your guns set an orbit to keep you within your optimal range.

Simply unload ammo into the target until it drops. The target will never hit you so long as you keep moving! Some of the bigger ships will be quite tough and some you might not be able to break. You can bring a friend to join you! If you joined on your own ask if anyone wants to team up, whilst the bounty is split between both of you the targets drop much quicker and killing these big ships is very profitable at the start of your Nul Sec Career.

Keep in mind that you will likely take a few hits from the smaller targets, If you start to more shields then you are comfortable with simply warp out. If you warp to the Fortizar in Brave it will repair you, Then you can warp back to the fight.

This allows you to make hit and runs on the smaller ships to prevent them from killing you.

Dreadnought & Titans

If you warp to a belt and see a dreadnought or  a Titan you should warp out immediately! These ships are very powerful and need coordination to bring down. Announce in the Armada fleet that you have found a Dreadnought or a Titan and ask if people can help arrange to bring it down.

You will be advised on what to do and when to do it to assist and you will get to fight, Just follow the leaders instructions to do so!

Brave operates a policy in which the person or party who find these ships gets the loot and the salvage. These ships can drop very valuable rewards and are often worth large amounts of isk. I have seen one at 120 Million Isk!

Putting It Into Practice

Now that we know what ships to use, What targets to shoot and which locations to find them you should jump in and give it a go! The video below shows how it is done. You will see that the pilot never flies directly at the bigger ships to prevent them apply damage.

You will lose ships whilst you pick it up, once you have grasped the idea though it is very simple and easy to replicate on every asteroid belt in the system. Whilst learning remember to contact the dojo for a replacement ship if you are in Brave and lose it!

Quick Notes/Tips

This is a great way to make your first few millions! Do not rely on this in the long term. Do it whilst waiting for other skills to train!

Remember to reapply weapon modules after reloading! Unlike I did in the video!

Keep an eye on Local and if lots of hostile players show up make sure you leave the belt and get to safety!

Don’t be ashamed to warp out if you take too much damage. You have strong shields but poor armor so leave early!

Docking instantly replenishes all lost shields so you can get back quicker.

Whilst Ratting with friends splits the rewards you can often kill rats and break through tanks much quicker resulting in more Isk per hour!

Tracking – The faster you move the harder you are to hit (so long as you dont fly straight at the target) Bigger guns will very rarely if ever hit you.

You will also deal less damage so experiment with the afterburner. If its two battleships left you probably don’t need it. Turning it off slows you down and you will deal more damage and are likely still to fast for these big ships to hit.

I will cover tracking in more depth later but the basic concept is the faster you go and the more movement you have around a target results in you being harder to hit. Bigger weapons struggle to land hits more so then smaller weapons.

Fly Safe 7o,





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