The Future – Blog Plans

Plans For The Future

You may have noticed the blog posts have been slowing down. Whilst this is true I did intend on slowing down stopping from daily posts as I started to experience aspects repeated times.

What I will be doing is writing up on particularly big or interesting battles, Big steps forward with my ship training/piloting, Key moments and fun incidents. On top of this though I am going to look at making it into a kind of cheat sheet for new players  on ways to survive and make isk in Nul Security corporations such as Brave Newbies.

I will do my research to ensure I give out the correct information but I will try to keep it as simple as possible without going into technical aspects that overwhelm new players like myself. I think the fact that I am A new player it might be a bit more understanding to fellow players.

Keep an eye out for future blog posts. I also intend to stream a few hours a night after the Holiday period, I will have to look at overlays to stop me getting stream sniped or giving out intel since I am a new player! If you are a part of brave or any other corp I am willing to cycle adverts on the stream to cover intel. This can be a small image or a video converted into a gif to cover the chat box and it will just cycle between them so send them my way!

I figured cycling adverts or player content is more interesting then a black box covering everything! If you are creative and have some free time feel free to make something! You can contact me in game at “Marroc”  or email me at “”

Ewar – The Harvester of Salt

Being very bad at PVP and low skilled and not liking the kitey aspect of pvp which seems to be the way to go as a new player I took up ewar to be a force multiplier.

I have flown all types of Ewar at a frigate level and flown the Amarr and Caldari Ewar at cruiser level as well. My favourite by far is the Caldari ECM.

ECM completely prevents the targeted opponent from targeting anything be it friend or foe. This prevents them from dealing damage, Holding targets in place or even repairing allies. However unlike all other forms of Ewar it is not guaranteed to land. It is however considered the most rage inducing!

I am particularly fond of the blackbird, The Griffins big brother, It has bonuses to ECM range and str and supports a large amount of mid slots to field Ewar and other modules. I have however learned that it quickly focused in battle and I have been killed instantly in most fleet battles. However I have learned to not warp in with the fleet and instead come in just after them at distance.

I fitted up a Blackbird in an attempt to fit a small gang/solo PVP fit and parked myself on a gate one jump out from Braves home station. Waiting patiently I see a few friendly ships go by and wave at them as they go about their business.

After sometime an enemy Sabre lands on gate, Determined to at least see one explosion be it the enemy ship or mine I engage and red box the Sabre at the gate. The Sabre retaliates, Drops a bubble preventing me from warping.

I land a successful Jam and although he cant do damage to me my DPS is nothing to boast about. Though I am fit with an afterburner, Web and a Warp Scrambler so the target cannot get away.

In between successful jams the Sabre is able to apply small amounts of damage, I have however utilized everything to my disposal and the fleet is on its way to grab the kill. I manage to hold the Sabre in place whilst the fleet dealt with neutrals in our home system, then made the trip out to me. By the time the fleet lands I am at 15% shield but I armor tanked with a plate due to the amount of mid slots I rely on preventing the damage being dealt instead of tanking it.

The fleet quickly kills the sabre who begins raging in chat. Yep, Ewar generates a lot of hate! I think I am going to like this aspect of the game, At least whilst I train skills to do other things such as brawling, T2 Weapons and better fit my ships.

A highlight from Zarvox Toral’s Stream is my new favourite video! Check it our for yourself here. As he is instantly triggered but all in good spirit he has a small rant!

I believe there are methods to counter ewar such as drones and  modules that increase your sensor strength which results in less chance of a jam landing, However these are not chosen over Tank and Gank Modules!

Apologies for the Jam Zarvox but damn it was awesome to have it land on first cycle after undocking and selecting the right jam, normally I just spam them till they land!

As always Zarvox is a great EVE player and in my opinion the most informative streamer of EVE relating to PVP! Check his twitch and youtube channels by visiting the links below


He always brings fights to Brave and is always a good sport about it even when they drop large numbers of larger ships on him 😦 (Dammit brave throw frigates at him!) The other day he dropped a frigate into the system with 8 plex in the Cargo hold!

Keepstar – Farewell!

I am gonna be honest with you guys, I have no idea what happened apart from something very expensive blew up and a lot of players were involved. So many players were involved the servers in that area of space ran at 10% there normal speed in order to cope.

This results in you spending much much much longer periods of time to do simple actions like enabling a module.

I was actually out for this event and I managed to make it home, However I had important business to deal with… I could not trust this particular fart after the food I had eaten that day! Sat on the toilet desperately trying to load the CCP stream on my mobile with bad single I was worried I would not see the explosion…

Turns out I should have trusted the fart, I made it back to the computer to see the Keepstar in its final moments having already started the chain reaction explosions I witnessed it blow up in one massive ball of fire! (which I think took about 10 minutes anyway due to the slow down)

Thank you as always to those who have read and follow the blog!

Fly Safe, Marroc!



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