1.2 Salvaging & Mining

This Post will cover two different methods since there really is not much to them and I cant make a whole post on each of them!

You can find previous Newbie to Brave Newbie segments here

Newbie To Brave Newbie


Salvaging is a combat free method of making ISK, It can bring in large amounts of ISK for very little work. However it does require someone else to be ratting and creating a mess for you to tidy up as a space cleaner!

This is very Alpha Friendly and has very little risk since you will be Salvaging a site that is no longer visible in the anomaly window!

What do you need?

Getting started is very easy and does not require any additional training at all. You simply need to fit a “Salvager 1” to you ship in a high slot and you are good to go!

I would recommend you use a Destroyer for it if possible since you can fit more Salvagers and you can speed up the rate at which you clean up the area. Below are the recommended destroyers for this.

  • Amarr – Coercer
  • Caladri – Cormorant
  • Gallente – Catalyst
  • Minmatar – Thrasher

You should fill the highs with as many Salvagers as targets you can lock. If you can target 5 wrecks at a time fit 5 Salvagers. An MWD in the mid slots will help you navigate  to the wrecks faster when they are not in a nice neat pile.

The rest of the fit is down to you and what you feel you might need! Some people fit the lows with warp stabs which allow you escape if you get caught by a solo player, others fit nano’s to assist with warp speeds and some people fit tanks.

How do you do it?

It is very simple, Announce in to your corporation, Convo people you know are ratting or even ask in fleet that you are looking to salvage wrecks people leave behind. The people doing combat sites usually will leave the wrecks behind as they make more money moving onto the next site.

In Brave Newbies players who are ratting will type “$$$” in chat to indicate they have cleared a site and are not salvaging the wrecks!  This is your time to shine, Let them know you will take it and warp to them.

Upon landing you will be faced with one of two things.

  1. The player you warped to had an Mobile Tractor Unit down to scoop loot, This is perfect for you as it leaves all the wrecks in a nice neat pile, You dont need to go chasing wrecks spread all over.
  2. The player didn’t drop an Mobile Tractor Unit and you have to move around the site and salvage the wrecks one at a time. However sometimes this means they also don’t want the loot so you can make even more ISK!

Simply target the wrecks and activate one Salvager on each wreck. At the end of the cycle the salvager has a chance to gain materials from the wreck and consume it. This chance is increased through skills. You can make millions of ISK from a single site.

Once you have cleared all the wrecks simply warp to station and drop your stuff off. You can now sell it on the market or look up industry and turn it into products. Additionally to make your life easier Brave Newbies and many other corporations offer a buyback service.

In Brave the Buyback service will take any item and give you 90% of its sell price that it would achieve in Jita. This is usually a good choice as you risk being killed moving it to sell out in Jita or you have to pay to get it freighted out for you.

Extra Tips!

  • You can Salvager player ships once they explode! If you heard a fight go down and its finished go and salvage the field! You will get even more valuable items from these wrecks!
  • If you have spare high slots you can fit a Tractor Beam which when used on a wreck will pull it to you so you dont have to go and chase it down!
  • You can buy a specially designed ship called the “Noctis” This ship has bonuses salvaging and tractor beam use making the process even easier, It also has a larger cargo hold for looting!
  • Stay 1 Jump behind Belt Ratters. This allows you to get an infinite chain of wrecks and not upset them by taking a cut of the bounty.
  • Bookmark wreck locations – If you are busy salvaging a site and someone announces another one warp to them, Bookmark the location and return when you have finished your previous site!


Mining is the act of grinding/extracting ores from various asteroids found in space. Generally speaking you find more valuable ores in Nul Security space!

What do you need?

A mining ship is preferred as they are fitted with large cargo bays named “Ore Holds” these allow the ship to hold more ore then other ships.

To start with you will want to obtain a Venture, this is a mining frigate that alpha’s can use and it can hold a large amount of ore compared to other frigates. Additionally it has a built in warp core strength bonus so you can warp out if someone attacks you.

Alphas can use the Venture and on top of this The Dojo will give them to you for free even if you are an omga!

You should fit as many Mining Lasers as you can and in the low slot fit a Mining Laser Upgrade to increase how much ore you can extract.

How do you do it?

The principle is very simple, You warp to a location and lock an asteroid and then use your mining lasers on it. Each time the mining laser cycles it will put ore into your hold.

You let the Mining Lasers do there thing until your hold is full and then return to station to drop the ore off. Alternatively you can visit a Compressor if your corporation has one to make the ore take up small mounts of space and then move it into your cargo hold and go straight back to mining!

In the real world though there is a little more to it. You will want to constantly be keeping an eye on Local and look out for neutrals as you will be an easy target so they will come looking for you!

You should align your mining ship to another location whilst mining and as you approach the edge of your mining laser range align to one at the other side of the asteroid. This allows you to instantly warp out if an enemy lands in your asteroid belt.

Mining is considered to be very AFK but in actual fact to do it safely and optimally without losing ships you will have to be paying attention!

As with salvaging you have multiple options on what to do with your ores. You can reprocess them and use it in production or sell the processed ores through buyback programs or on the market.

Extra Tips!

  • Join up with others to create a mining fleet for increased security through numbers and the ability to kill NPC rats that might annoy you!
  • If you are in a Corporation they will likely run a ship which will give you bonuses to mining. Stay within range to benefit from them!
  • Your system might have mining Anomalies check by pushing “Alt+P” If they have them it will likely be more profitable to mine there!
  • Some Corporations will offer to collect your ore directly from you so you never have to leave the belt. They will often pay less but you get to mine more or they will split the total gained between all parties involved.


As always! Fly Safe

Marroc 7o




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