Secret Santa & Merry Christmas!

Secret Santa Slay Roam

Brave have a somewhat tradition it turns out(like many other corps), You opt in and get given another pilot. You have to buy a ship and fit it out and then contract it to the you target 1 hour before a fleet is formed.

I was given Haroer Hak’Tak and I was unsure on what I should get them as I didnt know them or what skill they have trained and what they like to fly. I was advised to look at
the killboard and see what they have lost and what they appear to fly a lot.

After doing this I setlled on a Navy Vigil – I blinged it out to the max, Faction modules (for a newbie like me this is big) in every slot including the launcher incase they cant use T2 weapons. It came to around 500 Million isk.

I had a few concerns though, I wanted them to have fun and How much fun can they have in a fleet with a frigate that has increased web range and a tiny HP pool, no matter what I did the frigate just wouldn’t be tanky enough to give them the enjoyment I wanted. I went back to the drawing board or killboard in this case to see what I could find.

I then settled on a Nereus, I did my research (or google did) and I settled on combat fit I just upgraded modules to Meta modules and faction modules to make it realy pimp!
It came out to 700 Million isk when I was finished. Determined to get this fit I had asked regarding a loan from corp which was offered but in the end I figured I would do it myself.
I set out exploring and went out many many times sometimes I would come back with a small haul other times a larger take, I did however lose a 500 MIllion isk run on the way home.

In the end I had to drop the damage control down slightly and saved 200 Million Isk. In total the ship came to 500 Million isk. Not bad for a newbro with little over a month of game play. Not much DPS but with 41k EHP + 105k worth of shield boosting charges it should provide a lot of fun and I linked the fit below

[Nereus, Secret Santa]
Shadow Serpentis Damage Control
Reinforced Bulkheads II
Reinforced Bulkheads II
Reinforced Bulkheads II
Reinforced Bulkheads II

Large Ancillary Shield Booster
‘Bootleg’ Remote Sensor Booster
Republic Fleet Warp Scrambler
Dark Blood Stasis Webifier
Shadow Serpentis 10MN Afterburner

Shadow Serpentis Light Neutron Blaster
Corpii A-Type Small Energy Nosferatu

Medium Transverse Bulkhead II
Medium Transverse Bulkhead II
Medium Transverse Bulkhead II
‘Integrated’ Acolyte x6

Dread Guristas Antimatter Charge S x2160
Scan Resolution Script x1
Navy Cap Booster 150 x282

Cruely I also contracted Haroer Hak’Tak 75 station containers and told him his ship was in one of them, Unable to repackage them as i put one item in each and took it out before sending them he would have to manually search, I told him to message me when he had searched them. The moment he messaged me I sent another contract (the ship in another station). Too cruel? Maybe but Brave had a chuckle!

Eagerly awaiting my ship from an unkown player I was pacing! what was it going to be? The contract alert popped up and a mail in game alerting me to the fact that Roartak
was my secret santa! I opened the contract from him and I had been given a fully fit Ashimmu with Faction webs! :O

The Ashimmu is definitely the best looking ship in the game and people who read the blog in the early days will know it is my favourite ship of all time! I have lost two of these in my eve time both have been pretty badly fit. This one though had faction webs and focused on its neuts/nos bonuses.

Since I would be int he fleet the Ashimmu’s role is to clearly web and then just kill the capacitor of any ship in range. with 3x Medium Enegery Neutralizers + Nosferatu it would definitely make quick work of any capacitor. The fit is below(I had to meta down the modules due to lack of skills).

[Ashimmu, Ashimmu]
Damage Control II
Prototype Armor Kinetic Hardener I
Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer
Prototype Armor Explosive Hardener I
800mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
Prototype Armor Thermal Hardener I

Medium Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I
50MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Warp Scrambler II
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier

Medium Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Medium Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Medium Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Medium Ghoul Compact Energy Nosferatu
Medium Knave Scoped Energy Nosferatu

Medium Anti-EM Pump I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
Hornet EC-300 x1
Acolyte I x7

Nanite Repair Paste x182
Navy Cap Booster 800 x17

Immediately undocking I could see the Value the in the fleet! Some of the ships on grid were just absurd. It appears there were 3 methods to the Secret santa,

  1. Cheap ship, Bling Fit
  2. Bling Ship,key blingy module
  3. Blingy Ship Blingy Fitting (those who are space rich).

Some more people started to join who hadn’t registered and as such didnt have a ship gifted, Myself and a few others started to hand out ships we had, I gave away a handful of Federation Navy Comets & Imperial Navy Slicers! The fleet was open to all after all!

D-Scan of Fleet

We set off towards our destination intent on bringing christmas cheer and destruction along the way. A few fights were found but nothing to major. We spent some time jumping betweem belts and plexes chasing but overall the fleet was a bit slow due to the larger ships and a certain industrial.

Howeever, The fleet was incredibly fun! Myself and a few others probably enjoyed a drink as we went about our business. After about two hours roaming we headed back. All in all it was an incredibly fun fleet and an awesome experience to see so many varied ships about. We lost a couple of frigates to gate guns and a Curse to baiting!

The following images are handful of the ship fits I was sent after the op but not even close to all of them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From myself, Merry Christmas everyone! My first christmas in eve! A new year is coming and new adventures await with new friends. All of you in Brave Newbies have made this part of 2016 so enjoyable!

Hope you all have an amazing holiday! Eat & Drink lots and be merry but most importantly spare a moment for those less fortunate then you and for those who were taken from the community, Family and their friends this year.

Remember Friendship Is Key Over The Holidays! If you know someone who you think might not be doing well have a chat, you never know you might just have a big impact and turn things around!

For the last time in 2016,
Fly Safe,
Marroc 7o


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