2017 – Lets Get Started

Firstly, welcome everyone to 2017! Hopefully this Year brings you all lots of ISK, Explosions and Adventures!

Whats Happened Since Christmas Post?

A couple of things of note, A small Armageddon gang was spotted on the D06 gate on my last day before going home for the holidays. With small numbers we decided we would not be able to deal with it and everyone was instructed to ignore them.

A few moments later I announced I had a blackbird loaded with Amarr jams and a handful of us decided we would be able to take them out with Jams since they would fall apart using the spider tanking method they had gone with.

The fight started and I stayed out of potential damage range and locked up each Armageddon and applied a single jam to each. I took a risk and strayed closer to get more effectiveness out of the jams. This was evident in the fact that I landed most of the jams consistently.

One by one the Armageddons began to fall until the last one was mopped up. However I was out done by the rest of the fleet who managed to loot everything and salvage before I even got close.





Over the holidays I did not have access to a computer to get online, Instead I used a remote connection from my phone to access my own computer. Whilst I was able to play EVE through the Phone it was less then desirable.

Instead of undocking I took up some market PVP and upon my return I had broken 1 Billion isk making roughly 800 Million over the holidays through my phone. This should keep me going a bit longer until I need to worry about isk again!


Typhoon Termination!

With one of our structures entering a vulnerable state PL showed up with a huge fleet of Typhoons. I don’t think this was there intention it just happened that they had some Typhoons left from an earlier fight and wanted insurance pay outs, either way Brave was happy to help.

I joined late to the fight and jumped into my blackbird loaded with red jams. We were asked to just apply EWAR to the Typhoons to lower the alpha/dps they put out.

Ultimately we out shipped them with huge numbers. The EWAR wing alone was sitting at 97 Pilots. They were out numbered and probably out gunned or very close to equal with firepower.

They did eventually get caught and were cleaned up very quickly. However thanks must be given to PL for bringing a fun fight and not escalating it to stupid levels with huge cap drops.  Thanks guys!

EVF-EVE – Ship List

Brave Outshipped, Outgunned Not Outplayed!

One of PL timers on a Citadel they set up in our staging system is now active and in a vulnerable state. We knew this was coming a fleet is already formed ready to go, Again a huge turn out and the EWAR wing is sitting nicely at 98.

We know the enemy are coming through the HHK gate so prior to forming Bubbles are anchored around it and the surrounding systems. The EWAR fleet is grouped up off the gate ready to spread, The Main fleet is sat at the gate ready to engage the first target that comes through and a secondary fleet is already engaging the Citadel.

The plan is to slow them down and hold them as long as possible so that the secondary fleet can get the damage out on the Citadel before getting over run with numbers and capital ships.

One of the many bubble traps they needed to get through

A call comes through that they are bringing capitals in. We brace for what is to be an epic fight with lots of newbro’s seeing huge ships for the first time in game it is going to be an experience no matter the outcome.

Sabers are deployed to bubble the route in and 19 are sacrificed for the great good of slowing down the incoming super fleet.


They do eventually make it to gate and comms lights up with reactions of people seeing their first supers on grid. The EWAR wing boost goes out and we scatter, Warping to different tacticals around the gate at range.

Enemy Fleet

It is hectic at first and targets are called for EWAR and swapped constantly as decisions are made. Ultimately it is decided to deploy EWAR to fighters just to minimize the damage output and buy time for the other fleets.

As I start to relock fighters my Blackbird lands a one in a million Jam, locking out an Apostle for an entire cycle at 130km. I cant believe it, This multi billion ship is now prevented from doing anything meaningful because my 10 Million isk ship did its part.

Sorry to Bensen1296, That must of been frustrating especially considering the chances of it happening and I believe they also can enter Triage and not be jammed at all.

As a collective Braves fleets are doing what is needed, Despite suffering heavy losses we manage to pull off an impressive hold long enough for the citadel to eventually fall and MOA are there to snag the killing blow.


The retreat is called and we get out of there, Leaving PL to gather there fleet and take their wounded pride back home. As usual the field is looted and salvaged very quickly!

Streaming Is Coming!

I am looking at setting up a dedicated Stream which will be tied to my EVE online gameplay only.  There are a few things I need to resolve such as hiding intel and adding delays to prevent giving important aspects away.

I have a few ideas on what to do but one idea is to display little adverts over the UI componenents I need to hide. If you have an advert/propoganda you would like to be displayed mail me in game to “Marroc” or even email the image/Gif to “marroceve@gmail.com” I will display them on a short rotation in the corner of the stream.

Whilst people watch and possible enjoy EVE they can then also get info on what corporations are available. I dont mind if you are in the Brave Alliance or a sworn enemy, it is a stream for all so all will be shown!

Additionally if you have any experience with Twitch I could use some channel art, again if you have some free time and want to make something that would be awesome! I cannot offer anything in return Other then a thank you 🙂


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