Snuggling With PL’s Citadel

Citadel Wave 1

Brave formed up with ANI’s including a few special snowflakes in Ashimmu’s to benefit from the huge web range and energy neutralization bonuses with our brawling fleet.

Myself as always showed up with the Signature Red Blackbird loaded with rainbow jams and an Armor tank. This allowed me to sit with the brawler fleet and jam within optimal range and also benefit from the Logistics wing.

With the usual swarm of drones engaging the Citadel and the volleys of laser fire the Citadel is taking huge damage as we hit the damage cap.  However it is not defenseless and it is returning fire with bombs which are killing the capacitor of the ANI’s.

PL Warp in a huge fleet and we are forced to retreat knowing we wont be able to deal with it. They defend the Citadel timer this time!


System Defense – Nereus Bait

Whilst chatting in comms before heading to bed I am asked if I can undock my  Nereus and join up with a fleet prepared to drop on the undock if the enemy ships take the bait.

I undock and wait on station, It works! The enemy fleet takes the bait and engage the bait. The friendly fleet warps in and begins to spread out and tackle the various ships. A lot of them make it a way but a few of them are cleaned up. The friendly fleet warps away.

Not content with the quantity of explosions I remain outside the station and warp to a nearby wreck and begin salvaging it. A jackdaw for some reason takes the bait but closes within point range, I turn on the webs and Scramb, Drop drones and engage with my single blaster!

A friendly warps to me to assist and the jackdaw is destroyed and the mighty Nereus gets a kill mark!

Jackdaw Kill


Citadel Wave 2

The Citadel is vulnerable again, we form with the same fleet as before and begin our assault. The same tactic is applied and we go to work on the shields. Almost immediately after we engage a Revenant and an Aeon show up on grid but the fight continues.

The Revenant gets dangerously close to being caught and killed as friendly dreadnoughts land on grid, The Revenant manages to get tethered again just in time and the dreadnoughts are instructed to leave the field.

As the Citadel is getting lower I am jamming out the Aeons fighters trying to match racial jams tot he fighters to ensure a high percentage of jams land. Majority of the fighters are Amarr based though. I think the Aeon ends up having enough and focuses me and I die almost instantly once the fighters engage.

Since we are fighting in our staging systems I simply redock and reship into a blackbird loaded with Amarr Jams. once Landing on grid I throw everything out and apply jams to the Aeon. Amazingly they land, This means the Aeon cannot apply fighter damage to targets and also wont be able to use any of its offensive modules such as Enegry neuts, The fighters will engage random targets that engage them or damage the Aeon.

Yes it was probably better to jam the fighters, However my 12 million isk Blackbird just turned the probably 30 billion isk Aeon into a lump of useless scrap and the real kicker, I am 136km away.

Aeon Jammed from 136km

This makes my capital Jam count 2/2 for stratops. Having Jammed the Amarr FAX previously and the Carrier. Hopefully the next stratop with caps I can land another jam and keep the count going.  It might not be the most beneficial thing but the Salt it generates is worth it.

A gang of command destroyers show up on grid but swiftly warp out. They do this for a short while and then they make a move on the logistics group and jump them 100km away. For some reason though they dont really do anything else and the logistics wing forms back up and no losses are sustained to our fleet.

We manage to achieve or mission objective and the shield is removed from the citadel, in 24 hours we will form again and try to take the next stage. We suffered minimal losses and sustained a pretty big blow to the citadel.

Brave – Looking For A Place To Call Home

Rumors are spreading like wildfire that Brave is about to move system, unfortunately all I know is that they are just rumors, no one has confirmed we are moving and despite the posts on reddit of Brave taking SOV it is apparently all just trolling.

Regardless of what happens though I will ensure I blog the outcome as best as I can, Hopefully we move and it creates some pretty massive fights or interesting engagements that I have not been a part of before.


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