2.1 – Entosis – Claiming Space

Section 2 will contain mechanics that don’t generate income but still have to be known. With Brave Officially at war I figured Entosis would be the best part to cover. I have done a lot of research and hounded people for questions to make sure I get this right.

Entosis – What is it?

A basic explanation is as follows, Entosis is used to take control of systems and structures. Multiple stages are needed and once completed allows Corporations/Alliances to claim space from others.

Whilst it sounds straight forward there are mechanics at play that prevent easy capture. This includes Reinforce periods, Node capture games giving defenders the option to defend and force the invaders to start over.

Think of it as flag planting and removal. You need your flags in system and the enemies gone, You cant just plant and remove them so you have to repaint them and the module repaints things.

Entosis is done using a module called “Entosis Link”


Module – Entosis Link

An “Entosis Link” is a high slot module. The module can be activated on a number of structures such as Stations, Infrastructure Hubs and Territorial Claim Units. These structures have vulnerability windows and the module will only work during these times. The module will consume 1 Strontium Clathrate(Stront) every cycle.

Activating the module will prevent your ship from Warping, Docking, Jumping, Cloaking and prevent remote assistance. Once you have enabled the cycle there is no way to cancel it early and you must wait the full duration. You can however move around within range of the module and fight off enemy ships in the usual way.  Your ship is limited in in speed to prevent you endlessly running around in circles kiting the defenders.

Larger Ships have a penalty to the cycle time of the module forcing them to remain in position in a vulnerable state for a much longer periods of time. Due to this Smaller swarms of ships or tanked Battlecruisers are often used.


Using The Module

In order to use the module you simply warp to the desired target and lock the target and activate the module. In reality though the following happens.

The first cycle of the module doesn’t actually do anything to the structure and is considered a warmup cycle. If you lose lock or disable the module for any reason during the first cycle you must warmup again. This can be used by defenders to prevent the entosis or even massively increase the time needed allowing them to form up a better defense. Often defenders will utilize ECM to force restarts. Once a warmup cycle is complete the alliance owning the structure is notified in game via notifications.

After the warmp cycle the next cycle will automatically continue so long as you have enough Stront. A timer will be displayed showing how long until you have taken the structure. This timer is increased by having A higher Activity Defense Multiplier(ADM) in the system. (This is why Brave uses the Armada systems to keep the ADM’s High) The cycle time of the module itself does not affect the timer any more but it must continue to be cycled to keep it counting down.

Once the Timer reaches zero your entosis Link will disable and end after the current cycle finishes. However you are still under the effects of the module until it finishes that cycle, This can leave you vulnerable for almost 5 minutes after finishing the process based on the timers.

Having more then one pilot activate an Entosis Link on a single structure does not speed up the process. The extra links only add security should the first link fail, The process will still continue so long as the secondary links have finished their warm up cycles. Having all your Entosis pilots die will not reset the timer. You will have to do the warmup phase again but the timer will continue from the same point it was stopped.

The defenders can however entosis the structure back if you do not have an active link and increase the time needed to capture it again.

The Module cycle time and the countdown timer on the structure are both affect by TiDi which can significantly increase the time needed. However you are not at any more risk since the whole system is slowed down.

As with all modules in the game there are tech variants. The T1 version has a longer cycle duration and shorter range. The t2 version has shorter cycle time and a massive range.


Entosis – Taking A System

May be some inaccuracies here due to my lack of experience but I will do my best.

The first step is to Entosis the defenders structures in the targeted system. In a standard system this will be the TCU, Ihub and the Station. The pilots doing the Entosising will have to be defended. You can see a list of structures in the top right along with the ADM rating just under the system location.


Once the timer hits zero the structure is reinforced for 48 hours. This allows defenders to prepare defenses and organise numbers to prepare for the incoming attack.

After the reinforcement period is over Command Nodes will spawn throughout the region. Each of these command nodes needs to be captured by the attackers using Entosis modules in the same way they did on the structures.  Each Command module is worth 5% so a total of 20 have to be taken. Only a small number spawn and once one is taken a new one will spawn.

If the defenders push the attackers of a node they can reset the timer back to full  by using an Entosis Link module. Each node only lasts for 90 Minutes and if it despawns the defenders win 5%.

The first side to 100% wins. This allows the attackers to destroy and place there own structures and if the defenders win the process starts over.

The command nodes enforce a different strategy upon EVE players. Small fast gangs are needed as it takes roughly 10 minutes to take a command node. Since they spawn in nearby systems this results in small hit and run tactics. This means an alliance without large numbers and huge firepower can take systems from those with the large numbers.

What good is your capital fleet if it takes longer to reach the target then the attackers need to capture it.

Thats it, Once you have captured a single system you can set up a staging point and effectively pressure the defenders more resulting in more space being taken. Hopefully I have gotten this right and if you notice any errors in the process message me in game “Marroc” and I will edit if needed.


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