Turning A Profit

Drug Sites

in the last few days I have discovered a new type of site that I am able to do and these are known as drug runner sites. They appear as gas sites when you scan them down until you get closer to 100%.

Upon warping in you are faced with a number of ships and turret based defenses which are all guarding containers which can be hacked into using a Data Analyzer. So not only do you get the isk reward from bounties and loot you can also come back and break into the containers which I am told can hold hundreds of millions of isk worth of items!

The last site I did I managed to clear the whole site in a Gila comfortably without any problems, I focused the energy neutralizer turrets first and then the cruise missile sentries. After they died it was just like a normal ratting site. Orbit at a set distance and let your drones do most of the work!

Once completed my take was roughly  45 Million isk plus I got 50 run blue print for Standard Drop Booster this included Loot from the hackable cans, Bounties and loot from NPC rats defending the site. So all in all they are tidy little isk makers. Since they have to be scanned down you are bit safer then ratting at an anomaly and you get the extra bonus of breaking up your ratting into some exploration mini games as well!

Now to find someone to sell the 50 Run Blue Print and see if I can make some additional isk!

Making Ends Meet

Also in the last week I discovered that you can sell Bookmarks and people actually sell these bookmarks as “Tactical Packs” to others so that they themselves do not have to go around and make their own bookmarks.

With the current events happening in Brave I saw an opportunity and decided I would take it. I set off into the conflict zone and started making some bookmarks at every gate and station in the region.

These bookmarks included locations above and below along with docking bookmarks, After doing some research I discovered they can actually fetch 70 million plus isk and even going over 100 Million isk with ease for the right pack.

However wanting to capitalize on the situation I made mine cheap at only 30 million isk and begun advertising it. At first progress was slow a couple of mails every hour requesting the tack pack, I figured I had not done enough and logged of for the night.

The next day I woke to an inbox full of mails requesting the bookmarks, each of them for 30 Million isk. I set to work making my contracts and I have been doing this for the last few days. I still get mails for orders and so far have made almost 1.4 Billion isk which should keep my T1 cruisers flying for some time.

With some of the profits made I decided to buy a Gila and I have been using this incredible cruiser to rat and bring in steady income combined with the Drug Sites I discovered exist in the game my wallet has started to fatten up a bit.

Now I am not suggesting you all go out and make bookmarks to sell of cloud ring, Unfortunately you need to get the timing down on that but my all means give it a go. What I am trying to get across is that you do not need to stick to ratting or mining or exploration.

People will pay you isk for almost anything if it allows them to have more time to blow ships up instead of doing the boring bits. Find something people could use and use it to turn a profit!

Fly Safe,




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