Greetings From Cloud Ring!

The Invasion Begins

Yup, Thats right Brave has moved to Cloud Ring! We kept it super secret and completely off the grid…

It all started with a few Stratops in which we used Entosis modules to take over the space, Their was a lot of work to do and the first fleet went out. The fleet itself was a success and we returned home having achieved our goal.

Saying this the current occupiers would not have been expecting the strike at that time but the next time they would. There would be a lot more of these OPs and INIT did indeed bring a fight. unfortunately though we were struggling with dealing with there Snatch fleet.

Eventually we used Harpies in one fleet to kite the snatch fleet and we had an Interceptor fleet providing rapid responses to our Entosis ships. The primary ship used was the prophecy fit for maximum tank.

This strategy was working really well, We used it every single time and it was effective enough to constantly achieve our goals.

Rome Was Not Built In A Day

Whilst this is true Katalya Myst decided she would hold a class on Entosis.  The class got quite a large number of attendees and we set out. Whilst on route to our destination Katalya gave a run down on Entosis and how it works and why we need to do it.

Once we reached our destination we set about taking over the required structures. Eventually we had done the entire system and that was the goal. However Katalya had different plans and we spread out all over the region of cloud ring we were taking.

A few hours later and we had entosis the whole region… Katalya had effectively move the war one step in our favour in one night. As the fleet was standing door our afk leadership (Cagali Cagali) came onto comms and said the follow “Kat you are not supposed to win the war in one night”

Comms had a laugh and congratulated Katalya on the success of the class and she was given a medal in game.

All in all I think it took a week or maybe 9 days to take control of the region. Structures were placed and stations were taken. I even managed to name one of the stations after suggesting “EWAR Best War” so I have that bit of fame to go with my name!

Heading Out

Now we controlled the space it was time to move out there and make it our home. Move fleets started forming and our enemies started picking off targets in the move the fleets. Many people managed to sneak ships through the pipe.

Many people lost ships but one of my favorite losses was an Orca that was used as a brief case! RIP 😦 Poor Major Raynor 😦 though he took it on the chin and didn’t make a big deal out of it.

A number of fleets were formed on the down low to try and ensure there safety. This seemed to be working and these fleets were seeing massive success. A number of people pinged fleets and these generally did not end well due to spai’s.

Now that the move is basically complete the space overall is really nice. The image at the top of the page is actually from our section of space, It is a very pretty section of space and should make for some great content.

D06 – Always Remembered

Funnily we referred to the old staging system as dog, I think most of EVE did to be honest. To me the system will be remembered much like you remember a pet dog.

D06 was my first home in EVE, I turned up on Braves doorstep less then 24 hours old after relentlessly pressing through the tutorial missions and the Sisters of EVE arc in 1 sitting, I was hooked from the start.

Brave took me in, taught me everything I know and still teach me new stuff every single day. D06 has claimed lots of my ships but this is also the place I have been part of so many awesome moments in EVE. I saw my first Carrier, then I saw a super carrier, Fax’s and Titans have all been seen and engaged regularly from D06.

We had an amazing fight on the undock in which we just managed to save the Fortizar from a massive capital fleet through the use of EWAR. Props to the attackers (PL or PH never remember which is which) as they could of at any point escalated the fight to a number of supers that Brave just could not handle but instead they chose to have a good fight. This will always be a great memory I will always remember and tell newbros in the future when they join.

Katalya has also made an excellent video with some truly awesome sights from Braves time in Fade which you can see here This Is Brave Massive props for the video and a fitting tribute to Fade & Brave.

Whilst in Fade I progressed so much and I cannot wait to learn more and have yet more adventures in Cloud Ring! If you have been thinking about joining Brave now would be an awesome time!  The new space has some really nice perks which you can take advantage off 🙂

As always, Fly Safe,



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