Returning To EVE

The Depths of Space Ensnare Me Again!

Hello fellow Brave Newbies!, It is I, Marroc! I am returning to EVE again and will be hopefully picking up right where I left off! I am not at a place that I feel comfortable playing EVE again.

I wont be as active as I once was but I will be online during EU Timezones! I cannot wait to fly with you all again!

I will of course be flying my trusty Blackbirds and harvesting sweet sweet tears from  my enemies through the use of Jams! Prior to this however I will have to make the trip to the new Brave Staging system in GE-8JV So this trip will likely be my first real EVE related blog Post.

The Blog, What Becomes of It?

With the Blog I intend to start up again with my “Journey Into Eve Series” and document my game time again giving New players, Veterans and even onlookers a glimpse into the world of EVE online through the eyes of a new Player.

You are not new though Marroc!  Wrong, My account may be approaching 6 months old but I stopped playing roughly 3 months in due to some personal issues in life. Whilst I picked up a lot in that time I am still most certainly a new player and I will be excited to share my journey with you.

hit me up in game if you fancy a Chat “Marroc” is the Pilot name of course!


The Journey Begins Again!

So with my return to EVE the first thing I need to do is work out Assest Safety, prey I have enough to get the ships and items back that I lost to it. (Whilst its cheaper then normal I got a fair bunch donated for me to blow up so I porbably cant manage to get them all.) Perhaps its possible to claim some things and just do it in stages?

Once I have claimed my items back I will freight them to the new Brave HQ assuming I can afford it and then make the trip out which is sure to be fun and stressful at the same time.

The big question though is will I survive the trip? Stay tuned and I will make a blog post to document my journey.

AS it always was,

Fly Safe, Marroc!


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