Jumping Back In The Deep End

The Journey To Braves New Space!

Having Just returned to EVE Brave no longer held “The Cloud Ring” I have no idea what happened but it happened.

I had the task of finding my equipment I left behind and also shipping it and myself to the new Brave staging area in Catch. After looking around I turned out most of the stuff I owned was pretty worthless apart from a few ships donated by kind players.

In the end it was currently better to firesale most of my stuff and at a later date ship the ships I had received back to Brave space. Currently though I couldnt fly the ships with the proper fitting skills so I decided to leave them for now.

Luckily when I first joined Brave I could set my Jump clone for free as many times as I wanted since I was a new player and as such I hadn’t triggered the cooldown on it so instead of making the 40+ jumps to Brave Space I simply Set my Clone to Brave HQ and then Self Destructed.

Blackbirds? What here?…!

Now back in friendly space I begun to look at my options, Refreshing my Skill choices and adding skills to a queue again. Prior to leaving I had set up skills to get me into a Sabre and as such I purchased 2 of those ready for fleet fights.

Next up was my choice of cheap ship for random Standing fleet fun. Obviously I chose the Blackbird since its my love in the game. Unfortunately No Blackbirds are available in Brave space currently.(If you are Brave and ship blackbirds out Il buy them in bulk)

Next Logical choice was a Griffin, The blackbirds little brother… Well screw that, go big or go home so I bought and fitted a Scorpion with t2 Armor Tank, A full compliment of Jams, Webs, MWD and Painter and Heavy Missiles (Woohoo Shit Fit) I figured I would use it to mess around in Standing fleet and just have some fun.

First response of the night was for someone who had just been caught by a Gnosis and so I begun the longest align and longest warp I have experienced. Upon landing some friendlies had already engaged and the Gnosis was taking steady damage.

I locked up, Jammed him and then fired missiles. The Gnosis managed to kill his first target as I landed but the rest of us survived. The Gnosis was cleaned up with ease given he couldn’t lock anything… Aaaah it felt good to be back harvesting salt from players looking for easy kills on miners.

Drones Block Out The Sun!

Some intel is passed along of a large Tristan fleet in the area and an emphasis is put on large. A few people are caught of guard and a small group of players begin trying to catch the Blast Fit Tristans and their drones with bombers.

Myself, unable to fly Bombers decide on a different approach. Keeping to myself I undock a Maller and this Maller is T2 Brick Tanked with smart Bombs and turrets and  a bunch of webs.

I make my way to the last known point of the Tristans and find them 200km of the Gate. I jump through hoping to entice them into following me. I mean its not like the Maller is an excellent bait ship…

Unfortunately they dont bite and I hang fire, About 5 Minutes later I make the jump back through the same gate and immediately start an Align to station. The Tristans have more then enough time to catch me given my Armor Plates increasing my align time. I act a little helpless locking one up, Launching drones and engaging.

Moments later all the Tristans are wanting in on the kill mail and im surrounded by an armada of Trisans and Drones. I set my smart bombs going, web a number of targets and using my Autocannons start to go to work on some of the ships.  Each time they burn away or war off.

I decided to start dual webbing a single target and realize I can actually do some damage before they get out of range and my smartbombs are dealing with drones. The Maller is tanking well but foolishly I forget to put Nanite Repair Paste in so my Repairs are Slow an inneficient.

With the Tristans moving out of range of my Smart Bombs the first wave of friendly bombs come in and a huge chunk of ships are just erased from my UI.  Bad news though, an Eagle fleet has been spotted at another gate and people leave to deal with that.

My Maller is still going strong, holding in Armor so long as I have the Capacitor, Having just returned my Face is one huge grin as I sit taking hit after hit and manage to kill a few of the Tristans/Tackle ships myself.

Capacitor dry its inevitable that I am going to die, There are simply to many Tristans on grid. On comms i hear “I’m surprised your Maller is still holding” and I keep trying to pick of a target that strays into range.

I grab another couple of kills and then the last of my armour fades away and I fall into hull. My hull is quickly worked through and the resulting explosion is my reward. I believe 20+ tristans were bombed whilst my Maller was just sat there plinking away.

RIP Maller

I put GF in local and take my pod Home. Someone in local responds with “I love Brave Newbies they are so cute”.

This experience had me shaking and grinning being my first big fight since coming back. I cannot wait for more stupid fun with explosions to match. As a Welcome back present I also bought myself a new Cruor and fitted Faction web, I will attempt to do some solo PVP in that and do a write up which in all honestly will be how quickly it explodes.


7o, Fly Safe,


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