Wormholes & Unexpected Adventures!

Wormhole – Round 1!

I hear a call on comms for a daft fun trip through a wormhole to a potential ratting area and I decide to tag along.

I fit an Astero with some Jams and a Cloak (original plan was to blops in) and we head out. As the small group of us maybe 8 or 9 head out into the wormholes guided by one man we have a little chat about what we might find or not find.

As we emerge from the wormhole we are in the clear, No one is in local and we send out a scout to start searching for targets.

It only takes about 10 Minutes and our scout has a Target, A Thanatos! We all arrive and the Thanatos is quickly locked in place through Warp Scramblers.

My job is to use my unbonused jams to just lock out the fighters he launches so that we don’t get wiped out by their damage application. This works very well and the Thanatos who is on his own without any support is completely useless.

Whilst I keep the fighters tied up 6 or  7 Bombers are applying huge amounts of damage with Torpedo’s. The Thanatos is just getting obliterated with no help to fend off the smaller craft it is just a matter of time before he is wiped out.

Once we break through his active tank the Thanatos just falls through structure and the resulting explosion is fabulous.

On my 2nd day back on EVE and in Brave I have snuck through a wormhole and played a vital role in securing a 2 Billion isk kill on a Carrier with a group of no more then 10 people.

Thanatos Loss

We return home with the FC needing to go AFK for 20 or 30 Minutes. The trip home only takes 5 minutes through wormholes and we dock safely with a huge ISK positive ratio.

Wormhole – Round 2!

We organise another group this time with larger numbers coming along with the success of the first run.  This time I am in a Griffin since we know we are not going to be blops’ing in.

We all form up at the wormhole and start moving through, Unfortunately the wormholes close on groups of us and not everyone makes it through. Those of us who didnt make it return home since they can’t really help.

It is at this point we realize that we dont have the ships or the numbers to carry out our plan and a vote is called, Self Destruct or Make the long trip home at 40+ Jumps.

With everyone stranded on the otherside voting to take the jumps back and have some fun we set off on our unexpected adventure. The route takes us through nul low and high sec along the way so we group up and make the jumps together.

As we enter back into Nulsec a Breacher fires on one of our purifiers who is just ahead of the main fleet, I make the jump into the syste, and assist with a Jam and the purifier thanks me as he enters low Armor. Friendlies turn up to kill the Breacher but before they arrive a Brutix and a Thorax also show up.

I decide the Brutix is the biggest threat out of the two and apply the Racial jam to match and the Brutix is locked out, The Thorax gets free roam from the first round of jams due to Mismatched jams not landing.

I announce the Jams on comms and friendlies quickly kill the Thorax. The Breacher and the Brutix are brought down and we end up being isk positive on a fleet that started of terribly with a handful of ships left making its way home.

A Maelstrom is also on gate at 0 but not aggressing and everyone warps of, I decide to go back to chance baiting him and once landing I engage.

The Maelstrom decided to fight back and launches his Drones whilst I jam him out. The Drones quickly start stripping the shields and armor from my Griffin as Friendlies arrive on grid they manage to secure the kill.

Inevitably my Griffin dies but the Maelstrom is quickly cleaned up by the friendly support that showed up. I ask for the Pod Express home and the fleet gladly take the chance to kill me.

Friendlies make the last few jumps home and we agree it was an op success despite the failures at the start with the wormholes.
Back home safe in my station I think about how much fun I had and how happy I am to be back playing EVE Online with Brave Newbies. Remember you dont need to have the main ship in a fleet to participate, Ewar, Tackle and Logistics are always wanted.

Now after losing a number of ships I have started to prepare another Bookmark Pack which I can sell to bring in some ISK to fund more space ships to explode in glorious fashion.


I log out and this ends another day back on EVE.

Fly Safe,


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