First Solo Kill & Scorpions

First Solo Kill

I logged into the game and the first thing I needed to do was some ratting, I try to do 2 anomalies a day.  I jumped into my Gila and went out and did 2 Havens. It was very quiet with no neuts about so everything went really smoothly.

After completed the anomalies I returned home and set about roaming around our space in a blackbird, I saw a couple of neutral targets but non of them would engage or fight. Probably due to being in a blackbird so I came up with a plan.

I docked up and bought a Nereus, I packed the Nereus with Hull tank mods, 2xWeb, Scram and a shield booster along with some drones and in the highs a small blaster and a salvager.

I roamed the gates in my battle Nereus looking for a fight but nobody was about as I jumped into one system I saw a neutral but had no idea of the location so I did what a Nereus should be doing and started salvaging wrecks on a gate.

Sure enough the neutral came to me and for some reason came right ontop of me at 7km, I locked the Hound who was already engaging me and applied boths webs and a scram to make sure he couldnt get away.

My first reaction was to immediately call for help from corp and over comms I announced my locations and the target. However a change of plans hit me and I cancelled the call and decided to go for it myself.

With the slow but massive hits coming in from the Hounds Torpedo’s My ASB was able to hold my shield which is important. As the ASB went on reload the Hound quickly burned through my shield and armor into my Hull.

Experience the combat shakes and adrenaline again after so long was incredible, The novelty had worn off knowing I had friendlies to call in at any point in every engagement and I never took the chance of not calling them.

I was also returning fire with my lowly 39dps  the hounds shields had just fallen and the armor was taking damage. My hull gradually dropping as I eagerly awaited the ASB reload. The Hound was now losing armor and my ASB was still reloading whilst my structure was down to 50%.

With the hounds torpedo’s applying for huge amounts of damage on my slow ship it looked like I was done for, 30% Hull, Hound into Structure, 20% hull and then 8% Hull… but then the ASB reloaded, Overheated and repping quickly the shields managed to take the blunt of the blasts and my structure started to drop very slowly.

Eagerly watching my structure and shield boost charges dropping and awaiting for my inevitable doom I didnt even realize the hound hit 0% structure and start exploding. I erupted on comms overwhelmed by the fight and the engagement I put GF in local but did not get a reply.

On comms I was going crazy and linked the killmail in Fleet for all to see, it got a fair few laughs and a few people recognized the target and congratulated me. The hound pilot who must have just been eager to get his pod out now replied in local with good fight and congratulated me on the the succesful bait.

Hound Kill mail

Nereus with the killmark, click the image for loadout.


My first true solo kill in a Nereus of all ships. I have had kill mails before and a few kills on AFK miners etc but this was my first true solo pvp fight.



After a large engagement in friendly space I managed to get away with 2 BIllion isk in loot. it took multiple trips to the field and then a corp member to freight the loot to my home system. Once there I put it all on the market and I have been making regular amounts of isk from bits and peices that sell.

With the isk coming in I decided to buy myself a Scorpion and started playing around with fits. I ended up with what I think is a very annoying and effective fit for harvesting salt from solo or small gangs. Not to mention its red!



This is the Monster I settled on for fleet engagements so let me go over the idea.

The jams are used from range,  with an Optimal range of upto 122km and a fallof reaching out to 206km you can be at very safe ranges whilst apply your jams and with my skills and this fit they are 8.4STR jams.

In the event of a fleet focusing drones on the scorpion it is fitted with 3 smart bombs reaching out 5km which should be more then capable of dealing with drones and perhaps force a recall.

Next thing to worry about was getting tackled. I solved this by fittined two heavy neuts each draining 550gj from the targets capacitor  which is more then enough to drain fast tackle dry instantly and allowing you to engage the Micro jump drive or warp away.

If the Scorpion gets mobbed by fast tackle the 52km 16STR burst jam is enough to break every frigates target in the game assuming they dont have ECCM equipped again allowing the MJD to finish spooling or ensuring a swift get away.

For standing fleet I replace the 3 Smart bombs with Cruise missiles just so I can apply some damage and whore on kill mails.

with small amount of tank it relies on being at distance and using its various forms of EWAR to nullify targets and make its escape.  With enough midslot jams to remove a chunk of DPS or logi ships it is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Oh and ofcourse it has Salvage drones since I fly in Brave!

I have lost a number of these but I think I finally have the basics of flying the ships down my current Scorpion has survived multiple fights thanks to being able to disable tackle and at one point I got caught on a gate by a large number but the burst jam pulled through as the MJD cycle finished. Since momentum is kept after an MJD I am immediately able to warp to my aligned target ensuring a quick getaway.

One particular fight I remember is a Snatch fleet vs Brave Caracals and I turned up in my scorpion. Paying close attention to the enemy fleets distance ensuring they couldnt jump to me I applied jams and neuted tackle that approached me.

Then the snatch fleet made 3 jumps to my scorpion  and caught me. However doing so had put them right in the Caracals range and they began throwing missiles at the destroyers and frigates.  The Logistics wing warped to get in range and manage to replenish my shields as I hit 2% armor.

I cycles the MJD and overheated the Burst Jam timing the trigger to end with the MJD cycle I jumped 100km’s and again made an instant warp. The snatch fleet reposition to get away from the caracls and Logi saved my ass.

I just find the scorpion so fun to fly particularly given how cancerous the fit is and with EWAR skills still training it is only going to get better so I cannot wait.

In other news I purchased a Rattlesnake which i will begin slowly fitting out for PVE I am also really tempted to begin training towards a Widow given its just a better more annoying scorpion.






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