The Navy Arrives!

Solo Scorpions

The last week has seen me flying nothing but Scorpions for PVP, Whether it is in standing fleet or just messing around I have been pretty much exclusively flying the Scorpion.

After some playing around I settled on a shield tank and set out on my first solo roam.
Things didnt go to well  but it turns out it can tank like a bitch! The burst jam can also reach out to around 35km at 17.1STR.

Despite losing I had so much fun on my solo roam I made a post on reddit and also mentioned in the Zarvox Channel since its this guy that got me so interested.

immediately congratulations came in and encouragement to keep going along with advice on what to change the build.  Someone told me to use the Navy Scorpion instead and I just told them im just about managing to pay for Scorpions currently.

It was at this point they donated 1 Billion Isk and told me to guy buy a Navy Scorpion, Fit it and go blow it up. I logged an alt that is parked in Jita Station and started the process. A fellow corp member offered to get it out to me in Brave standing and whilst waiting I started the next Scorpion.

The Next Scorpion I used was a very similar fit but with Rapid Heavy Missile Launchers. I was roaming around friendly space and landed at an asteroid belt to kill some rats just because I could.

This is when a Sabre decided to warp in to me and aggress so I started firing back, After realizing his Mistake the Sabre started to slowboat away from me in an attempt to get away but with myself and some rats shooting him the Sabre went down.

This set things in motion and I was set in my ways. I ended up refitting this Scorpion to try and bait some interceptors for a bombing run which worked but I didnt get on any of the kill mails i just sat and tanked as long as I could.

People in the Corporation noticed I had been losing a lot of Scorpions and joked I should have a site to track them. I jumped onto the chat and asked if anyone could make something like this work.

This is when n0rman stepped up and created this awesome bit of work which is just perfect, Nothing fancy to look at which adds to the hillarity of how quickly I lose scorpions.

Massive thanks to n0rman :)!

The Navy Scorpion

Thanks to an amazing donation I was able to get the ship I really wanted, The Navy Scorpion.

I went with the following fit:

High power
1x Dark Blood Heavy Energy Neutralizer
6x ‘Arbalest’ Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I
Medium power
1x 500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
1x Warp Disruptor II
2x Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
1x Dread Guristas Shield Boost Amplifier
2x X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster
1x Heavy Karelin Scoped Stasis Grappler
Low power
1x Damage Control II
1x Co-Processor II
2x Ballistic Control System II
1x Missile Guidance Enhancer II
Rig Slot
1x Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II
2x Large Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Now ideally I would have had 3 XL-ASB’s but I just didnt have enough CPU even when using an implant and even an extra CPU rig I still couldnt fit it. Also I would have to decide what to lose from the mid slots which would have probably been the MWD. All in including shipping it out to me in GE it came to about 900 Million ISK.


The Roam

Once I received the ship I set out on my Roam, Someone in the Corporation wanted to join along in a Maulus so we headed out without a destination just jumping any gate I liked the look off.

We didnt see anything for a while and turned back to go a different way. Finally we met up with an Armaggeddon and a Pilgrim. We aggressed on them and begun fighting, The Maulus went down pretty quickly once it was neuted (you were witnessed)

As I applied damage to the Armaggeddon another Navy Scorpion Issue warped on grid followed by a Widow. Realizing I was so outgunned I begun to deaggress and over comms friendlies were coming to help snag some expensive kills.

With my shields holding and ASB management working out with one reloading whilst the other used charges I was able to sustain and hold the damage. When they realized I was deagressing the Pilgrim, Widow and the Navy Scorpion all did the same.

I didnt jump once I deagressed but the other 3 Did. As they jumped friendly support arrived on Grid nothing to fancy with 1 Mael being the biggest ship. The armegeddon was my primary again and I begun firing volleys of missiles into it.

Realizing the situation the the Pilgrim warped off as my reinforcements warped onto grid and the Armegeddon began to deagress and made a jump through the gate.

unfortunately no one was deagressed on our side and the entire enemy fleet had gone by the time we go through the gate. Despite not a single kill mail being earned I considered this situation a success.

Returning home for more Cap boosters with the fleet we passed a system with a single neut and the fleet jumped out whilst I decided to see if they had started doing the Rogue Drone Site.

Whilst no one was there I made the jump back again and bumped into a Curseon the gate who yellow boxed me.  With 5 Cap boosters and the likely hood of another fleet coming I remembered that the ship did not cost me anything I decided to go for it anyway.

I enaged the Curse and very quickly after doing so a Sabre warped on grid followed by a couple of interceptors. Having my doubts about my ability to kill a curse I was amazed to see how quickly I burned through the Curse’s Shield and Armor and managed to take a kill mail.

After the Curse went down I swapped to the Sabre who was pointed and hit with my Stasis Grappler, The missiles didnt apply massively but I was making progress.  The Sabre pilot seeing the error of his ways started to move away from me and as he got further away the damage application got worse.

At this point a Goonswarm Jackdaw fleet jumped through and appeared on grid. 14 Pilots with 7 Jackdaws I knew I was done for since I only had 5 Cap boosters. I focused my efforts on the Sabre and overheated my weapons but I simply couldnt apply damage. With the last of my cap boosters gone I was mopped up.

I asked for help from TEST in local who were in the system but no one showed up. However since I took the fight and thouroughly enjoyed it I put GF’s in local and thanked them for the fight. A few goonswarm members replied with GF’s and I was podded back home.

My Navy Scorpion didnt last me 24 hours, It died on my first adventure but it survived to my second fight and managed to Kill a Curse.

Curse Kill Mail

Navy Scorpion Loss

Going Forward & Views on Combat

My aim going forward is to train my skills further so I can fly the Navy Scorpion more effectively and whilst doing this save up enough Isk to buy one whilst also flying around in regular Scorpions having fun.

A couple of people have told me I should have engaged and should have just warped home to get the Navy Scorpion back in my hanager. Whilst this is good what is the point in flying the ships if you are not going to fight.

Whilst I expected a fleet to drop I also wanted a fight and I am over the moon that I managed to atleast kill the Curse.  I am not going to learn by running home from a fight without engaging.

Ultimately It did not cost me anything and with the left over ISK from the initial purchase and insurance payout I am able to fit a regular Scorpion and go have fun and learn some more

Massive thanks to Laythorn Eaton for the unannounced donation after mentioning my first Scorpion endeavour in chat.  Your generosity brought me so much fun and excitement and also got me a Curse kill mail.

Even though the Navy scorpion was almost double the cost of the Curse I still consider it a Victory, Undock your ships and go have fun, No point holding them looking pretty in your station.

If you feel like donating some Isk to allow me to go out and blow up more ships please feel free to convo me in game “Marroc” or just send the isk if you dont want to chat!

Fly Safe,




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