Drone Sites & Solo Roams & Charity!

This is a big post!



You all probably know about the last 72 hour EVEATHON stream. This is an amazing streaming event for eve in which they stream for 72 hours (surprisingly) rotating streamers and content with all donations raised going to charity.

The event is set up by  Rahne and Scaredpanda primary with huge help from Raiden Harmann and Equliser11. They arrange the whole thing and select the charity and then with the help of many streamers they go all out with content and hysterics to raise as much money as possible. (You can check out their twitch channels by clicking the names)

This year they settled on supporting Able Gamers, A charity dedicated to spreading the joy of gaming to those who due to illness/disabilities wouldnot be able to experience without the help of the charity.

They provide custom and specialized equipment that enables people to play games regardless of what limitations they may have. A prime example of what they do can be seen here with another eve streamer known as Accessible Gamer who is paralyzed and has no movement in his lower body including his Wrists, Fingers and thumbs. They worked around this by using Track IR to track his mouse movements and using a staw with sensors which he can suck or blow air through to trigger Mouse clicks. Thanks to this he can play the games he loves and enjoys as well as being a part of some of the best communities in the world.

The vent at the time of writing this is still on going and so far has raised over $22.000 for the Charity. With members of the charity actively being involved and even CCP being actively involved in chat and streaming!

Whilst the EVE community is often considered terrible with some of the most treacherous acts of betreyal including infiltration of corporations and people stealing endless amounts of assets to sell on. The stream goes to show we are also one of the best and most caring communities in gaming world.

With the launcher displaying 26336 people playing at this time thats almost $1 for every single player in the game. The fact of the matter is some of the donations were incredible ranging from $1 doubling scams to $100 dollars and beyond inlcuding a record donation of $1337 dollars from a single user. Every single dollar donated goes towards changing someones life and allowing them to experience this fantastic form of entertainment.

You can find more information about Able Gamers and the work they do and the lives they change by clicking the link below.


The official twitch channel for the event is https://www.twitch.tv/eveathon and a link for every streamer involved is below, make sure to follow them all! A final HUGE shoutout and thanks for every single one of you involved inlcuding all those behind the scenes and everyone who donated or took part in the chat and events!

If you missed out on the event you can still donate directly on their website above!

One thing is certain, We managed to change many lives from this and smashed the amount raised last year and stupid amount of stuff was given away!. (Rest of the blog continues below the links)


















CCP Guard – Whose Channel I cannot find 😦


Drone Site PVP!

The last few days I have been going on more and more solo roams. Whilst I look for Drone sites I am also looking out for Solo Kills, Willing to engage anything that gives me some experience.(15 man fleets are obviously not a good engagement.

After trying a few ships including a Scorpion to deter gankers, Caracal to kite and even cheap destroyers to mimize my losses I kept getting killed. I finally settled on an Exequror.


The Ship Fitting

After a few attempts ranging from Armor tanked, Self repping or damage lows I settled on a Cap stable Triple Armor Rep fit.

High power
3x Anode Light Neutron Particle Cannon I
Medium power
1x 10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
1x Warp Scrambler II
1x Stasis Webifier II
1x Medium Capacitor Booster II
Low power
1x Damage Control II
2x Medium ‘Accommodation’ Vestment Reconstructer I
2x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
1x Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer

Rig Slot
3x Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
3,584x Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S
210x Nanite Repair Paste
12x Navy Cap Booster 800
5x Imperial Navy Infiltrator


With my skills I manage 11622 EHP so not much buffer but the 2 medium armor reppers restore 467 armor each every cycle whilst the Medium ancillary repper restores 876 or 921 when heated.

My lackluster gunner and drone skills mean it totals 199.8DPS unheated. I am currently training Hybrid Turret 5 and looking forward to trying out tech 2 ammo. To ofset my lack of t2 drones I used faction drones.

The Roaming!

I set out from Brave Staging system and went into Stain, I found a nice pocket and started going backwards and forwards through the systems doing Drone sites without any contest.

After a few sites I jumped system and on DSCAN picked up a Caracal whilst on my overview the drone site was within DSCAN range I started to narrow it down until I was certain the Caracal was there.

Upon warping in I locked up the Drones to not spook the Caracal who wasn’t aggressing me and once I was within 10km started locking the caracal and applied my scram and web.

Whilst the Caracal completely ruined my shield his DPS was not enough to break through my Armor tank. Since I had the Scram, Web and AB range control was mine and his missile damage was reduced thanks to the small Signature Radius of Logistics cruisers and my Afterburner.

I slowly worked my way through his shield and I knew there was nothing he could do, Constantly keeping an eye on local to see if any friends showed up.  With no support coming and me not asking for help my first Exequror kill was mine, This was also my first Cruiser 1v1 kill.

Caracal Kill

Once he was down I looted the wreck and claimed the loot from the Swarm site. The Caracal loot covered almost half of my cruisers cost and the booster from the site was more then enought to leave me isk positive and able to replace the exequror if i lost it.

Shortly Later I lost the Exequror to a pretty big gate camp.

Exequror Loss

Exequror Roam 2

I woke up today and set out again in another Exequror fit the same as above. I went through the same systems since I had lots of luck with sites and boosters there previously.

A few hours went by and I didnt see anyone apart from a few neutrals passing through but I didnt bump into or find anyone at all. I found a system with 3 Drone sites and did all three and then I jumped into the next system to find another 3 Drone sites again and no one in system.

After getting all these sites I decided to head home and drop of my takings and along the way got distracted with any Drone Sites I found. Whilst doing one of the sites I spotted a Talos on Dscan when a neutral jumped into system.

A few seconds later the Talos started to land in my site and not being 100% sure on the ship but seeing its size I immediately burned towards the beacon to close the distance. On approach the Talos hit me hard but I was precycling my armor Reppers one after the other which manage to cover the first blow and to be safe I started pulsing my ancillary repper.

Not sure If I was going to survive I set up an orbit with my afterbuner at 500m and realized his damage was simply not applying due not being able to track me. Under Web and Scramb he had no chance to dictate range and the only damage coming in was from his tech 2 drones.

I swapped my focus to his drones whilst repping through their damage and one by one began killing them off. He realized and pulled drones but still he could not do anything to change the outcome.  The drones came back out and I immediately changed my focus back to them.

With his drones down I was free to take my time at working through his shield, unsure if I would be able to break him with my dps I just prayed for no support to show up as I plinked away. My reppers off to preserve cap boosters since no damage was being applied.

Slowly his shield drained away and then his armor started to fall quickly so he was clearly passive shield fit but then I thought about him being hull tanked and remember some fleet fights we had with Hull tanked ships taking forever to die. If this was the case he would have plenty of time for friends to show up.

HIs Armor Fell and his hull started to drop, He clearly wasn’t hull tanked and I was amazed at the kill that I was about to get, Laughing on comms, Heart pounding and still getting combat shakes, No other game gives you this feeling at all.

The Talos Died and the loot when sold in Brave space covered my hull with ease. He didnt have any skins or drone loot so it must have been is first site in the ship.

Yep, My T1 Logistics Cruiser with a bait fit had just killed an attack battlecruiser. The fitting was a bit weird with no scram or web his large guns had no chance to hit anyone who got close at all.

Talos Kill

Still a Kill is a kill. Deciding to head back home again I set off on my way stopping to do drone sites again. Not long later I bumped into the same guy in Local chat again, Pushing my luck I warped to the drone site but it was clear, I started doing the site in case of him seeking revenge.

My thoughts were right but oh so wrong at the same time, not paying attention to local and focusing on my overview awaiting him landing to see what ship he was in and save myself precious seconds on decisions making.

this is when I saw the 4 Thrashers land, 4 Thrashers? I got this! Staggering my Armor reps I locked them up as they burned in and started applying DPS to the first target, I got scrambed and webbed and then saw the reinforcements.

Easily a 30+ man fleet with a huge spike in local started warping to me I new I was dead and but GF in local along with  “lol overkill” but I didint get any replies, No GF’s or anything. I was quickly killed by a blob of Thrashers, Svipuls and a few interceptors whilst more ships continued to warp in.

“Get Fucked” appeared in local as I got podded. He was clearly salty at the loss of Talos and I couldn’t stop laughing at the size of the fleet he brough to kill me I had clearly caused some salt and triggered him.

Then it dawned on me, I wonder if he told his corp mates what killed him and if when they saw the kill mail they were like “dude, You lost your Talos and we formed for an Exequror?” I just broke down laughing.

This has pretty much set me in the motion of Solo PVP fun and I urge everyone to try it. Even losing ships is incredibly fun and my Exequror doesnt exactly break the bank, I will be taking it out when ever I can. So far its 2 Exequrors with 2 Kills, not bad for a newbie going solo roaming.

Maybe I shout start streaming my fun?

Fly Safe,

Marroc! 7o


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