Farewell Brave & Solo Roam Streaming!

Leaving Brave!

This week I decided to make a big change to my EVE gameplay and I left Brave. A number of reasons are present for this choice including costs of ships for solo roaming, Staging Space and My EVE experience so far.

Firstly the whilst the market in Brave Space is awesome for null sec it is still limited for non speciliazed ships and prices are marked up due to import costs. Often I could buy a number of ships and then find out rigs would be missing and have to delay my plans.

Secondly the Staging space, Whilst Brave is in an awesome section of space it is not ideal for solo roaming due to bubble camps when jumping gates and the sheer number of blob fleets around who do not want to solo.

The last reason I am going to cover is my EVE experience so far. I have been in Brave literally since Day 1. I hammered my way through the tutorials and then moved onto the sisters of arc mission and immediately after that ended up in Brave, it is simply time for a change and I want to see what else eve has to offer.

I will return to Brave at somepoint whether it be via an ALT or my main character agin purely because of how fun the game is with them and how friendly everyone is there. I would whole heartedly recommend anyone wanting to get a feel for Nullsec or group PVP joins Brave and gives them a try.

Brave have been cool enough to allow me access to the Dojo channels ingame and on Comms which means I can keep in touch and also spai on them to know if I should go roaming in their space or not!

For the last time, 7o Brave! I will see you in the Asteroid Belts!

“Always blue in our hearts” – “Yes, but red on the Overview”

Streaming & Solo Roaming

I have no started streaming my solo roaming through Low and Null Sec and it has been very fun despite the odd camp that I get caught by. I have had some kills and many many losses.

The ships of choice so far have been the Exequror and Tristan, I have however been spoiled in Brave with plenty of loot and ISK making oppurtunities and my cruiser days have currently come to and end. I have a few Tristans and Punishers left to destroy but then I have to do something to make some isk!

Along with my live streaming I have decided to start highlighting sections when I get a fight in order to rewatch it and work out my mistakes and in return hopefully learn from them and see which mistakes I repeatedly make.

Whilst roaming through Lowsec I tend to focus on the Rogue Drone sites in order to try and bait someone into taking loot I get the right to or stealing their loot in order to try and provoke them and I have gotten a couple of kills from doing this in my Exequror.

I work Monday – Saturday till 5pm GMT so Allowing time for food and a shower I should be online most evenings from 18:00GMT and weekends a little longer.

Marrocs Stream!

Funding My Stream

When I started out with my Solo Adventures I had roughly 300 Million isk in my wallet which I quickly and foolishly used up on Cruisers. I have since learned and I am flying around in Frigates which are incredibly fun.

With this in mind I need to look at ways to fund my stream and one of those is Incursions, I have all the skills necessary to fly the Hyperion and meet the EHP required. All that is left is for me to fund this purchase which I plan to do by running some missions which I will most likely stream starting at level 1 Missions.

After this the ISK should be enough to keep throwing out Frigates and cruisers. I would like to point out that if you wish for me to fly more fancy stuff you can donate ISK to “Marroc” ingame and the isk will be used soley on ships and fits to go out and explode. I will supply all the game time myself.


The First Highlight

With the previous comments in mind I have my first Highlight video in which I listed my mistakes which included, Overheating, Turning a Repper on and Off and also just approaching instead of Spiraling to avoid damage.

This highlight is a Tristan VS rifter in Lowsec and whilst the fight only lasted 1 Minute it was incredibly fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it and the Tristan. Also the Rifter pilot was a cool person!

Without spoiling to much the fight is incredibly close even with my mistakes and was not what I expected at all!

Tristan VS Rifter

Thats it for this week,

As always, Fly Safe,



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