2 Weeks Solo Roaming & Twitch

Wait Solo Roaming?

That is correct I have been solo roaming for 2 weeks now, No longer in Brave I have no support to call on. Brave is an incredible place to learn but as I joined them on day 1 of my Eve career I decided it was time to leave them for a bit and see what else Eve has to offer.

It has been a long time since a blog post due to my solo roams being so fun and taking up my free time!

The Ships

During my time solo roaming I have been using a variety of frigates & Destroyers but I really like the Tirstan. My go to ship however is the Exequror… Not the Navy Exequror just the regular T1 Gallente Logistic Ship.

The Tristan – Fights

Seeing people have lots of success in the Tristan I settled on using a brawling version because kiting is boring and it is way more exciting to get up in peoples faces and tear them apart. You have to think about the targets ship fitting and what their optimals are so you can try to avoid that or decide if you can tank their optimal damage if you share an optimal range.

A few fights in my Tristan can be found at my Twitch Channel Or by clicking the links below which will open in a new window.

Tristan Vs Rifter         Tristan VS Tormentor & Breacher

The Exequror – Fights

I used the Exequror as a Logistics ship in my last few days in Brave Newbies and to whore on Kill mails I fitted a single weapon. I gradually evolved my fit and ended up this. Utilizing 3 small blasters to track Destroyers & Frigates whilst ensuring full application to cruisers or larger.

Additionally I fit an AB to the Exequror which combines with the 80m Signature Radius(which is tiny for a cruiser) to reduce damage application against me. The small Sig Radius and the AB speed mean Cruiser sized turrets cannot track me if I get into a close orbit and missile damage is also reduced. Further more Frigates land fewer Penetrating/Crushing blows.

This is then backed uo by triple reps which allow me to sustain huge amounts of damage and keep fighting. With only 250 ish dps with my skills it is a little on the low side so it gradually chips away at its targets. However many players will not hesitate to engage the ship.

This has resulting in me taking out many ships in 1v1 fights including T3 Destroyers, Pirate faction Frigates or eve attack battlecruisers.  You can see some of the fights below.

Exequror VS Stabber Fleet Issue & Tristan – One of my first fights in low sec when solo roaming.

Exequror VS Blob – This group chased me for about 15 minutes whilst calling me a pussy for running from a fight fter they came to save their buddy who I was fighting. After calling me a pussy I decided to turn and fight.

Exequror VS Gate Gang – After receiving a huge donation I get aggressed by a gate gang consisting of a Stilleto, Confessor, Jackdaw and a Daredevil. Whilst everyone but the Daredevil is kite fit I have no choice but to engage!

Streaming My Adventures

So clearly I am streaming at www.twitch.tv/marroceve  I stream most week nights starting around 17:00 EVE Time.  Since I work during the days I wont stream during the day on Weekdays. Weekends can be earlier starting times if I am not at work.

My adventures are purely funded by the kindness of viewers who want me to continue fighting or simply enjoy the stream. in two weeks I have burned through roughly 3 Billion Isk flying only t1 cruisers and frigates.

If you would like to donate t1 Ships or Isk you can do so by sending it direct to “Marroc” in game. All isk goes on Ships and Modules. Game time & any skill injectors will be funded by myself so you know that all donations create more explosions!

The Pit – A 1v1 Tournament!

I have enrolled to take part in a 1v1 tournament known as “The Pit” It is a very specific set of rules which limit players to flying only T1 Cruisers with t1, t2 or meta modules. Certain modules are banned such as oversized prop modules or Capacitor recharges and you have a set arena to fight in and must warp in between 0-40km.

My match will be taking place on Thursday 13th July at 22:00 Eve Time.  I have not been seeded and as such need to fight my way throught he entire knockout tournament if I wish to win.

I have my doubts on how far I go due to my lack of experience but I do have a couple of cheeky fit ideas which might not be expected. My biggest worry in the tournament is going to be fighting Kiting Vexors, However the rules state if you remove all the damage potential from a target they lose as they cannot kill you, Focusing drones may be the solution.

Fly Safe,


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