Return of a Legend ;)

Marroc Returns To Brave

Greetings fellow capsuleers,

The rumors from the void are true, Marroc has returned. Nobody knows how or why, One day he resurfaced. Perhaps lost in the depths of Abyssal Space with the recent increase in activity is it possible Marroc was released upon New Eden again from the depths?… One thing we know for certain is that we must once again fear the Exequror.

Regardless of the how or why Marroc is back in Brave doing I do best and that is exploding things, Mainly my own stuff but its all part of the fun!

This post may be my longest yet.

Combat Updates/Reports

First of all lets cut straight to the point, Yes I am still flying exequrors and you can see the losess here still  As always a huge thank you to those responsible for keeping this site up and running.

On top of Exequrors I have recently taken a liking to the Harbinger Navy Issue. My god what a ship! With almost perfect frigate tracking using heavy pulse lasers and with my skills I push out just short of 800 dps which applies to EVERYTHING including interceptors.  With this ship I have been far more aggressive compared to how passive I am in the exequror and for the first time ever broke 10 kill marks on a single ship topping out at 18 Kill marks.

I have lost about 5 or 6 of them now but I have killed so many people in them I have no interest in changing what battlecruiser I fly.

Again my fit relies on people doing what you want them to do and what they should be doing in that situation.

WThe fit is a close range brawling loadout using Heavy Pulse Laser II’s to take advantage of the T2 Crystals Scorch and Conflagration.

To Ensure we can hit our targets with the primaries which usually dont track well we have Dual webs, Scram and a tracking computer in the mids with an MJD taking the last spot. (But marroc why is it propless…)

You get tackled, You apply webs and scram if they are inrange and then obliterate them with Conflagration. Interceptors require Multifrequency thanks to their sig radius bonus but you can still kill them.

If the enemy are using warp disruptors then you use the MJD which forces them to come in for a scramb allowing you to obliterate them. If they dont close in for the scram then you escape and re-engage or get out if you need to.

When fighting a group I find its best to focus on the light tackle first. Primary anything with a scram on you then focus on any disruptors within 30km. After that take out what ever you want. You can use the MJD to disengage once you have cleared the scrams.

Its not all damage though, Whilst it doesnt have the best tank it gets 82k EHP using t1 rigs and a hull tank whilst sacrificing three of the low slots for more damage and tracking.  The tracking is important because it gets a whopping 7.5% tracking bonus per level of Amarr Battlecruisers.

All in all I have really enjoyed flying this ship and im going to continue to do so whilst I debate getting an absolution. I will still however be using my Exequror. Just today It tackled 1 of 3 dreads at V3 and despite two of them being HAW fit they couldnt take the Exequror off the failed, The Exequror is still my baby.

Wolf Rayet – Wormhole Ratting

Since returning and moving into the Harbinger Navy Issue which has a substantially higher ISK requirement I have had to look at generating more ISK.  One of the methods I use is Moon Mining which you can find out more on when in Brave, The other is Wolf Rayet Wormholes. I have had a number of questions regarding these, how I do it, What Fits I use and how much money I make so I decided to make it a part of my first post. since returning.

What is a Wolf Rayet Wormhole?

A wolf Rayet wormhole is a specific type of wormhole which only allows the smallest of ships in. Frigates and destroyers(though a HIC can make it in through use of its special module). These smaller ships get bonuses and negatives applied to them in wolf Rayet including Reduced Sig radius, Reduced Shield Capacity, Increased Small Weapon damage and increased Armor EHP.

I am very uncultured when it comes to wormholes so I work out what the wormhole is using google.  I enter the wormhole and then google the system name such as J000313 and hit enter.  The top result should be an Ellatha result such as:

If you click that link it will take you to the wormholes information and we can see it is a Wolf Rayet wormhole with a C13 rating.  This means it has the best bonuses available with 100% armor bonus and a 200% Small weapon damage bonus along with the 50% reduced sig radius which are all positives and the 50% reduced shield capacity which is irrelevant. It also has the C3 combat sites which is important to our isk making.

Other types of Wolf Rayets exist ranging from Class 1-3 I believe. However you cannot do the Class 3 sites in a confessor unless it states the wormhole is a Class 13.

There is no isk for clearing the site or killing the NPC’s but the NPC’s drop blue loot which is what we are after.

The Sites

Class 1 & Class 2

Class 1 and class 2 sites are doable in any wormhole with the above bonuses even if they are not maxed out like that.  The confessor is small enough and packs enough of a punch to blitz these sites bringing in between 9-12 million isk per site. I managed with very little practice to run a site every 6-7 minutes.  Adding this up it generates more isk then ratting in a cruiser/battlecruiser will per 20 minutes.

These class 1 sites can be run in a incredibly cheap t1 frigate. It may take you a bit of experimenting to get it down and learn which targets to focus and ofcourse the process will be slower.  I managed in an incursus to run a site in about 10 minutes-12 minutes. netting roughly 50 million isk per hour which is by no means low for a t1 frigate.

If you are really new you could probably do this with a buddy and split the isk, not many ways a brand new player can make 25 million isk per hour whilst learning to fly, spot the important targets and focus fire with a friend.  I will link the Incursus fit I used below this section.

C13 – Class 3 Sites

If you stumble across the coveted C13 wormhole which contains class 3 combat sites you can expect to make 45 million isk per site. These sites take me around 10-15 minutes but bring in roughly 45 million isk per site.  you absolutely cannot do these sites in a frigate or a t1 destroyer, An assault frigate like the retribution can do them but will take longer then a confessor thanks to the latter getting sharpshooter bonuses.

For the C13 class 3 sites I simple warp in, Approach the center whilst clearing the initial wave and drop an MTU about 20km in.  using Sharpshooter I use aurora or Gleam depending on the ranges of the targets and focus my targets to remove ewar in the following order:  Energy Neuts > Stasis Webifiers.  I have found usually they are tied to the same ship.  However you must take note because clearing a single type of ship from the field can trigger the next wave early so its important to prioritize not spawning the next wave until the last ship is down.

For example if 2 upholders and 2 defenders are on field I know the 2 upholders web and neut me but I also know killing both upholders spawns the next wave so I take out 1 upholder and then both defenders and then kill the last upholder. (This is only an example from one of the sites.

Another important note is to ALWAYS keep your transversal up on the Battleship NPC’s some sites have two some have one and it is entirely possible to just be removed from existence by them if you happen to be catch their volley at a bad time.

There is a handy guide I have been given available here which lists all the sites, their total health pool, if they have stasis webifiers, Neuts and even shows which NPC’s spawn the next wave when cleared in red.

Personally I run 3 sites then leave to drop stuff in a nearby station and then go back in. this way after 3 sites my ship is paid for and anything else is profit.   With 45 million isk every 12 minutes I can make on average 200-220 million isk an hour. Im sure people can make more with better skills and more experience but I cant think of a way I could make anything close to that amount of isk without market trading with a significant upfront investment.

The Fits

Apologies for the terrible layouts here 😦



C1 & C2 Sites

The incursus makes a great choice for clearing the C1/C2 sites thanks to plenty of lows and 3 mids along with blasters.   This allows for a solid tank but also a good chunk of dps. I get around 500dps when in the wormhole.

The hull also comes with a bonus to armor repair amounts assisting you with tanking.

If you are brand new you could meta fit this and take a friend with the same ship and it should be possible to clear the t1 sites in no time at all.

You could also use an Amarr frigate so long as you can fit a half decent armor tank.  Its important to note Caldari/Minmatar is not a good choice purely because their buffer is in the shields and you lose 50% shields though I have no doubt someone will have a weird armor tanked frigate from those factions that works.

C13 – Class 3 Sites

This the the absolute minimum I would recommend.  The faction Cap battery is a requirement has it comes with a Cap warefare resistance bonus.

With good piloting and cap management you wont have any issues clearing the sites.  Depending on your fitting skills you may have to offline the Core Probe Launcher once you have scanned down the wormhole.

Note that you dont need to do any scanning once in the wormhole as the sites we are looking for are combat anomalies.

You can bling the repper and resistance modules to make tanking easier and even bling the Afterburner to speed up your site clearing speeds by reducing travel time.

Its definitely worth investing in some bling when you get used to it due to how much you stand to make, just dont get carried away.

Perhaps a good idea to tag along with a buddy when they are doing them if you are new to learn how to start and what to expect.


Since returning I have already took part in Entosis Ops, Dabbled in Abyssal sites, Took part in capital fights, Killed plenty of capsuleers whilst being killed by plenty of capsuleers.

Remember I started out in Brave within my first 48 hours of playing EVE and still to this day it is the best decision I have ever made in my EVE career.  I highly Recommend you take up Brave Newbies by joining the “Brave Newbies” Chat channel in game.  There are other newbie friendly corps but I have no experience in them.

Once again Fly Safe,

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