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Thrashers – Eves Underdog

Greetings Capsuleers!

This time I wanted to do a write up on a ship I have been flying for the last few days and even though its 11 MIllion Isk I have been having an absolute blast flying it. The ship in question is of course the Artillery Thrasher.

The premise of the ship is that its cheap, you dont mind throwing it away but it hits incredibly hard and with a certain fit gets the coveted 2000+ scan resolution to achieve “insta lock”.

The last few days I have been using the ship and not only have I been having incredible amounts of fun flying it, I have managed to snag some seriously meaty kills and also managed some daring escapes with hit and run tactics.

This is another great example of a new player friendly ship that is a great source of fun even when facing off against much higher skill requirement ships or longer term players.

The Fit

The Artillery thrasher or the “Cockbag” thrasher in Brave as its known is incredibly cheap and effective in its intended role.  The high alpha damage volleys frigates of field if they fit minimal tank mods.



With 7x 280mm Artillery cannons you wont find a t1 destroyer that comes close to the kinds of alpha the Thrasher can put out.

Yes other ships shoot further, other ships are more durable but for 11 Million isk when using the fit shown you can get almost 2000 alpha damage from a single ship.

Add on to this the fact its insta lock and has a warp disruptor you can easily catch out unsuspecting pilots including Interceptors who think they have a tackled a target for their friends.

The fit doesnt really need any explaining, It packs a punch, Locks fast, its slow and its cheap. It is genuinely a throwaway ship for you to shoot more expensive low ehp ships with.  I like to take a standard drop booster just to ensure the hits are meaningful though you wont struggle to hit anything unless its orbiting at very close range since they have 120 tracking by default. The drop booster adding another 25% on top of that for only 4 million isk (in ge) is a huge bonus.


Kill Mails

Ive only been flying the artillery thrashers a few days an I have already had plenty of kills and it is definitely rapidly becoming one of my favourite ships to fly.

100m Daredevil – Sat at the edge of his own anchored bubble waiting for fights he can win and running from those he cant.  Unfortunately for him upon landing  in his bubble I instantly locked, Disruptored and fired on him removing all the shield and 80% of the armor.  Trying to get out of range to escape the second volley lands a few moments later and he is removed from the game.

240m Kikimora – Yep, like the war between Frat and Brave this fight was over the moment it started. ;).  Sat of a tac in the Thrasher the Kikimora warps to me at 20km and burns in assuming he has an easy kill.  Immediately hit in the face by Phased plasma punching straight into the resists holes the kiki loses all of its shields and takes a chunk of armor damage.

The kiki begins applying damage but is quickly hit again removing the remaining armor and most of the structure.  The Kiki realising its mistakes and inevitable doom appears to try and gain transversal but once again it is to late and the third volley lands removing it from existence.

2x 40m Claw’s – For this one I am outside of standings fleets usual positions and heading back home. Intel reveals a Claw gang in my area and I warp to a gate and wait.  As expected they are heading past me towards their next destination.  The scout jumps in and we lock each other, More gate flashes with the rest of his gang jumping in I align out.

I apply damage to the claw and immediately warp to the cluster I aligned to. The single volley was enough to kill the claw thanks to no tank modules and them relying on their speed to survive.

Upon landing at the planet at 100km I see two more claws on my overview, One landing with me at 100km and the other landing at 0km.  I immediately begin to align out again to another cluster whilst locking and firing on another claw which is taken out again with a single hit.

The gang then leaves the system and I return to loot my small prizes.  Turns out both claws had abyssal warp disruptors and my 11m isk Thrasher had a good pay day!(not sure who the random guy is on the related page, maybe from another system or something?)

I picked these kill mails purely because they show the ship punching above its weight and engaging gangs or people who believe they have a free kill. Plenty of other kills including a couple of explorers in t1 frigates getting instantly popped :(.


Tips For Flying

It is a really simple ship to fly but a few tips for fellow newbros!

  1. Preheat your guns, Warp Disruptor and Sensor Boosters.  Yes Just have everything preheated!
  2. Watch your gun heat, It builds fast!
  3. The Sensor boosters I leave them heated and wait for a neutral gate fire into system at which point I cycle them on.
  4. Click your local chat and select a player in the list, Now push “Ctrl+A” to highlight everyone in system. Making it easier to see new players jumping in.
  5. I have a overview tab set to “Cockbag” which has nothing but enemy ships on it Allowing me to click my warp disruptor and Weapons and then hold control and spam click the overview window to ensure an immediate locking process when they uncloak.
  6. Some ships you cant catch, Cloaky ships when flow properly wont be caught along with some really fast fit interceptors. Anything else though you should be catching.
  7. Lastly – Friends = more firepower.  Bring two friends with you and you will be erasing Kikimora’s that jump into you off the field before they can even make it back to gate.  Yes for 30 million isk you will honestly 1 shot 200-1billion isk trig destroyers of the field.


Thats everything for this post,

As always Fly Safe!
Marroc 7o.

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