Standing Fleet Woes!

What is this?

Recently the Brave DOJO started a funding drive with funding goals attached. These goals were offered by Brave members who wanted to help out or do something fun. I decided to make mine based on Standing Fleet and what ships to fly!  This post is the first in a few posts regarding finding a ship right for you to fly in standing fleet.


Standing Fleet Woes?

Lots of people join standing fleet, Dive straight into a tackle frigate and die endlessly because Tackle frigates are not for them or they simply dont know what they should be doing.

This has a huge impact on a players morale and willingness to participate because no one likes to die over and over again whilst feeling like they dont contribute. (Tackle frigates do contribute even if they get killed but thats another topic)

The important thing to remember is if you arent having fun and enjoying yourself then why are you doing that role? There are many other roles for standing fleet and you can fly absolutely anything you like.

With this in mind I have decided that I will start with Cruiser for standing fleet based on new chracters with low SP. The focus is to provide people with new player friendly fits that they can use instead of just a tackle frigate or ewar frigates

I have settled on Cruiser hulls to start because when I started playing I learned so much more in a t1 cruiser hull then I ever did in a frigate because they survive longer and you can actually see what is happening, Why you are about to die and you get a chance to correct it.

All the fits are fitted with t1 modules.  You can get more out of the ship fitting Meta modules and t2 modules should be a focus for you to aim towards.

Caldari Cruisers and how to use them!

With the above in mind I will be starting with Caldari cruisers purely because they are a shield based group and Brave focuses primarily on shields.  I wont be covering EWAR or logi fits as they are a totally different style of play.  Lets take a look at the first ship in the series, The Moa!


The Moa (Secondary Tackle)

The moa is a shield based, Hybrid turret platform.  With a damage bonus to Medium Hybrid weapons and Shield Resistance bonuses. These traits all come together to make it a fantastic secondary tackle ship.

Secondary Tackle is usually a slower but sturdier ship that gets to the fight after the initial tackle has been made and generally relieves the fast tackle allowing them to leave without losing the target.

With the role defined lets take a look at the fit.

T1 Moa

[Moa, T1 Moa]
Damage Control I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
Tracking Enhancer I

Large Shield Extender I
10MN Afterburner I
Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
Warp Scrambler I
Stasis Webifier II

Heavy Neutron Blaster I
Heavy Neutron Blaster I
Heavy Neutron Blaster I
Heavy Neutron Blaster I
Heavy Neutron Blaster I

Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I

Hornet EC-300 x3

As you can see the cruiser isnt exactly breaking the bank.  Purely T1 fit it is very cheap and it has plenty of fitting space left for you to upgrade modules to Meta or T2 equivilliants enhancing the ships performance massively.

Low Slots

Starting with the low slots, We have Damage Control for added survivability after your shields drop whilst also adding a small bonus to the resistances of the shields and massively boosting the structure resistances.  If you dont fit a damage control your ship disintegrates the moment you lose your primary tank.

Then we have two Mag Stabs which increase the dps output of our guns and a Tracking Enhancer to ensure we can hit the target with ease.

The slow slots are generally free to your preference, you might want to sacrifice your damage ouput and fit a bit more tank via Bulkheads so just when they think they are breaking your shields they are now faced with an above average hull to break. This could also give friendlies more time to assist you! Though you wont be doing any major damage.

Mid Slots

For the Moa we have plenty of mid slots allowing for a good tank and necessary modules for tackle to be fitted.

Large Shield Extender adds a huge chunk of HP to a shield which is amplified further by the ships Base Resistance bonuses combined with the addition of the Adaptive Invulnerability Hardener. Despite the name they dont adapt to the incoming damage, They apply a flat bonus to your shield resistances whilst it is turned on.

Then we have the Afterburner, Stasis Webifier and Warp Scrambler.  These modules combine together to ensure we can stay on top of the target we want to hold. Your speed is increased and unlike an MicroWarp Drive the Afterburner cannot be turned off by your oponents tackle modules.

The Stasis webifier works alongside the Afterburner by slowing the target down making it even easier to keep on  top of them.  Then you have the Warp Scrambler, A short ranged module that prevents the target from warping out and also turns of their Microwarp Drive.  Without the Microwarpdrive they wont be able to escape your grasp.

High Slots

With 5 high slots and 5 Turret hardpoints you may as well make use out of the damage bonus on the hull.  We Heavy Neutron blasters which have the worst tracking of the blasters but they do the most damage.  Thanks to our Stasis webifier and tracking enchancer modules you will be able to apply damage to any target within range!


Rigs are simple modifications you put in the rig slot, once fitted they cannot be removed (unless flying a t3 cruiser), They have a significant bonus to one stat but offer a downside to something else.

in this fit we have 2x Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I  which fill in the resist hole of our ship and change the lowest resist to thermal. Along with 1x Medium Core Defense Field Extender I which increases our shields maximum capacity.   Again rigs are very customizable and you can mix and match how you like.  All field extenders can give you a significant amount of shields but if you get shot by the damage type matching your resist hole it wont make much difference.

Experiment and find out what works for you!


Yes, I put ECM drones in the ship. This fit isnt designed to do as much damage as possible, Its designed to hold the target down and pressure them whilst friends do the major damage.

ECM drones work amazingly well with the ship because you have a decent amount of shield and any time the target isnt shooting you is time your shields are regenerating slowly and not being reduced at all.  ECM Drones have a chance to stop the target from locking anything other then the drones.  You help safe your friends and yourself.

How to Fly It?

Its incredibly simple.  You hang around in standing fleet doing what ever you do to pass the time, When someone calls for help you warp to them and you are faced with a few choices.

  1. You land on grid and the enemy is right next to you attacking a friendly.  In this situation you should lock the enemy and orbit them at 500m whilst turning on all your tackle modules.  That its, You have them. They now need to kill your friend and you before they can leave along with anyone else who comes to help!

  2. You land on grid and the enemy isnt tackled and they are not within your range.  Generally here you want warp to something on the grid, A wreck, An asteroid or bookmark.  You dont want to chase them becuase you are slow. Instead warp to something and wait, Wait for a friendly to land their fast tackle and then warp to them to try warp scramble the target!

  3. You land and the enemy is tackled already but they are not at 0m.   This is a call you have to make, Do you warp out and warp to friendlies already engaged or do you try move your ship over to the target.  Decision is yours and as you get more experience you will know what to do.


As you train more skills and have more isk available you can upgrade the ships modules by replacing them with better versions, These could be Meta modules or Tech 2 modules.  As you start to use these modules you will find the effectiveness of your ship is increased massively.   With the Moa in this role I would advise you first increase the shield based modules and the damage control. Your main focus is to not die whislt holding the enemy down and having more tank is the best way to do this.



These fits are not endorsed by Brave and are purely based on my opinion and experience!  Others might have better suggestions for you more focused on your wanted roll.

Next week we will be looking at the Caracal with a focus on screening your fleet mates from enemy tackle. A very important and often under used role!

Thanks for reading,

Fly Safe

Marroc 7o




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