Newbie To Brave Newbie

This page will contain links to all my Newbie to Brave Newbie Articles, A short series of articles designed to help new players get active in nulsec and start making there millions and then how to proceed and contribute from there.

Section 1 – Making your Millions

1.1 Destroyer Belt Ratting – Learn how to kill NPC pirates in asteroid belts and make your first millions in combat!destroyers

1.2 Salvaging & Mining – Learn how to Salvage and Mine to Make ISK  or gather items to start your own industry boom.


1.3 Exploration (non Wormhole) – Learn how to find millions left behind and forgotten about by others.


Section 2 – Contributing To Fleets

2.0  Fleet Up – Learn the basics behind fleets, How to make the most of them and how you can participate from day 1


2.1 – Entosis – Claiming Space – Learn how to Assist with taking space and the mechanics behind war.buz6gza

2.2 Fleet Roles – EWAR – What is it? How does it work & how do you fly it?!