Day 6 – Rule of 6

Rule of 6

I logged in today after watching some videos and reading up on the rule of 6 for exploration sites. The Rule of 6 is a neat discovery which allows you to predict placements on the Hacking Mini-game when breaking into Data/Relic Sites.

When you first attempt to break into a Data/relic site container you are faced with a window that looks like the image below. The layout can change but the rule always applies.Blankrule.png

The idea is that you start at the orange circle and have to move around the grid until you find the system core and destroy it.  The biggest challenge is often finding the core whilst maintaining your Coherence (HP).  As you explore the grid you find Defensive subsystems which you might have to take out or pass around. Fighting them causes your coherence to lower. If it reaches zero you lose.

You can also find offensive abilities which can benefit you in various ways such as giving you coherence for the next 3 turns or half the Coherence of a defensive subsytem.

So now thats the absolute basics explain what is the rule of 6?

The Rule of 6 Is simple, Any node that has 6 nodes surrounding it is a safe spot, There will be no defensive subsystem here at all. The image below shows which nodes are safe and counts the surrounding nodes to illustrate further.

marked rule.png

So how does this help us? By knowing which nodes are safe you can effectively narrow down the location of the subsystem. Each time you unveil a node it tells you how far away you are from the A secret, An offensive buff or the core. Having a safe path you can follow means you encounter less defensive subsystems along your path ensuring you have more coherence for the system core.

Now I lied about it always being a safe spot…. If in the event the safe node has a defensive subsystem in it the System Core is guaranteed to be in one of the adjacent nodes.

In the image below the node circled in red should be safe. However lets say a Defensive subsystem spawns in it when you search it. It means that the system core will be in one of the blue circled nodes,


That is the Rule of 6.  Nodes with 6 connecting nodes are safe. If it is not safe, the system core is next to it.  This rule applies to every single grid 100% of the time and it is never wrong!

With this I have massively improved my exploration success rate without training any additional skills.

That is the end of day 6, I literally just explored all day after finding this out because it was easy isk.

Marroc signing off!, Fly Brave!

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2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Rule of 6

  1. The funny stuff is i’ve been playing this game since december 2014 an i’ve made some pretty nice isk from exploration but I still learned something new, from you. 7o


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